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Restaurant Dilemma...


Fab & Fit For Florida
just after some help...

only started cd yesterday

i'm going to see Dara O'Brien next week, been booked for months, 4 of us going and we've also got a restaurant booked...

what can i do? is there ANYTHING i can eat that won't do loads of damage??? :cry:
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Want to be a yummy mummy!
Oooh dear


You could

1 - Start SS now and go and have your meal - knowing that you will prob put on a couple of pounds especially in this fragile early stage

2 - Start SS the day after your meal!

I would probably start it now if the latter is the only option as you will get into ketosis, lose about 4lbs till then, and it will be easier to get back into ketosis afterwards probably.

Hope that helps

Stick to protein, no sauces or carbs etc.

Also just wanted to say enjoy Dara O'Briain he is great, i've seen him a few times :)


Fab & Fit For Florida
Stick to protein, no sauces or carbs etc.

Also just wanted to say enjoy Dara O'Briain he is great, i've seen him a few times :)
really looking forward to it...

i know this will sound thick, but what can i eat that's protein? :confused:


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Chicken.....white fish.....some veggies! Look up a list on the net.

Just ask for some plain grilled fish or chicken, and some steamed vegetables. Cant get healthier than that!

Oooh that sounds so good right now!
chicken or white fish, and small amounts of green or white veggies like salad, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower


Silver Member
I would say...do try not to eat...just order the cheapest thing and then push it around your plate. NOTHING will feel as good as u feeling slim.
2 weeks into the diet I sat in Frankie & Bennys and watched my pals devour pizza and I sat with a fizzy water. If you can try not to eat anything it so worth it and there will other meals out with your friends when your slim.

Enjoy your evening whatever you decide.


Full Member
Do you really have to eat??

On my 2nd day my OH took me and daughter to a steakhouse...and I had some peppermint tea. On my 4th day we went to the pub and then to a chinese restaurant with some friends....and I had pints of water and a green tea.

It can be done. Perhaps take a tetra with you or a bar if you really want to eat. At least then you can join in the action without actaully sitting there empty handed.

Good luck and wish you lots of fun!!!


Resident geek
places normally always do a chicken salad.. so ask for that.. with no dressing.. no tomatos.. and no onions.. just salad.. cucumber.. that kind of thing.. :D
x x

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