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Results after 50 days of Lipotrim..

Well done pet .. You are looking fab! Bet the comments are great!

Ps. just finished refeed week .. and just in from a club had one drink and then water ... think lipotrim has changed me lol! But u had a blast dancing the night away!


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Thanks Becky. The best comment is always comming from my husband. Enjoy your normal life Becky ;-) have drink for all of us! Oh refeed-cant wait to be honest. But still 2 months left. Want to go down to at least 80kg...


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WOW you look amazing!!!! Although you lookd lovely before.... such a pretty face!!!! Enjoy your new self though hun!!! Good for you!!!! xxx
Wow, you look stunning :)
Your look super,bet ur confidence is growing too. What a superb loss so far,and the noticeable difference is awesome. Hats of to you chick,well bloody done!!!!!! Keep going 8 more weeks to push on ur journey u will do it,just look at how far u have come and ur achievements so far!!!! :) xxx
Thank you Emerald. You are right my confidence was always pretty low, and now I feel that I can be attractive again. People start noticing the change. I have started to wear hills. Throw away 4 pair of jeans that were too big for me and started to pull out all the smaller size clothes that were waiting for me for such a long time…
This feels great and I am definitely going to finish my journey with Liportim once aching my goal.
But this is not the end. I think the worst part will come after that, when we will have to maintain our weight.
But hey – if we can do Lipotrim then there is nothing to stop us from being healthy and happy. Right? J


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:happy096: Well done you - Don't you look fantastic !!!
I agree fully the hard part will be the maintaining the weight......however we have come this far seems we are with halfway ish to our targets.....lets get the second half done then prepare for maintain...we rock,we can so do it!!! Glad to hear your confidence is growing so it should with every single pound u drop!!!! xxxx
Wow is that really only after 50 days?! Amazing!! How did you do it? Did you exercise aswell..? You look WONDERFUL! :)
Hi binny - I do some walk-ups 3/4 days a week, 6km long, but just to tone up my body. My hubby said that my legs are thinner now. Just wondering if that's because of diet or because of exercise :)

I'm hoping to lose another 10kg til the end of September and go on refeed after that as I have booked flight to Poland to visit my family and show parents my baby girl as it was long time since they've seen her.

I will add additional photo once I finish Lipotrim on the end of September.
Yesterday I have taken out all of my small clothes-size 14
I could zip everything but it’s too small to wear it yet so I hope additional 10kg will let me wear it back home.
Felt sooooooooooo happy when I've tried on every single shirt...


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you are beautiful look at you
I think you look fantastic !!!
Hi Caziedalts. Thank you so much for complements. My skin is great now. I think this had something to do with my TOM. No problems so far. Still counting down shakes and days that left to my re-feed. It’s so funny. I have decided to do Dr. Hay’s diet but I couldn’t find any book about it. So had to order one from US. This book was purchased in Poland, went to US and now will be delivered to IRL heh AMAZING. Anyway… looking forward to my new eating habits.

Can’t wait to have some celery or cucumber.. and fish oh God.. Fish… :D

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