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return or not to return, that is the question!

Hi everyone, i have done the cd diet before , just less than 2 years ago and managed to lose 3 1/2 stone in 4 months.
At first the weight was coming off wonderfully but at about week 6 i hit a major problem.
i started with the dreaded constipation. I tried senna, dulcolax, fibregel, movicol and eventually even tried glycerin suppossitories ( yes, things were getting that desperate). Slowly, as i became more and more miserable the weight loss slowed rapidly. in the end i simply couldnt do it anymore and my doctor advised me to come off the diet before i end up in hospital.
well last year i dabbled back on cd for about 6 weeks and had to leave due to illness ( not diet related whatsoever) and financial problems. In that time i had devellopped some constipation again but not as bad as the time before.
Now i face a huge dilemma:
I have a long long fight on my hands with the large amount of weight i need to lose.... and my sister has asked me to be her bridesmaid in october this year.... now i know for a fact that i cant face doing it in this hideous body i live in now. I NEED to do something. Within the next 6 weeks or so we will be having a slightly beneficial financial change in the household and i will be more in a financial position to go back on cd. I am so scared of becoming so badly constipated again but i dont see any other way im going to get such good losses to make such a difference between now and October. i have just over 9 months to make as big a dent in my weight as possible. slimming world, slimfast, ww, etc etc just wont get me the losses i need and desire.
I feel a little backed into a corner... scared , overwhelmed and yes, a little excited too. The first 6 weeks on cd were great for me.. perhaps i give it 10 weeks and see how i go huh?.
I guess what im really looking for is just an acceptance back on the boards i havent posted on for so long and some reassurance that im doing the right thing by giving cd another go despite my history with it.
oh boy, i sure can ramble.
anyway, if things go to plan i will be in a position to restart by the end of february, sooner if possible.
ya know, im such a worry wart, i am even nervous of contacting my cdc because i felt like i let her down when i left. how stupid, only i would feel like i let my cdc down by failing at the diet.
well, i look forward to getting to know the newer board posters ( there seem to be a fair few).
may u all have wonderful losses in this coming week. :)
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I suggest taking a stool softener and fiber EVERY DAY as soon as you start the diet. Did you already try that?

Good luck and :welcome2:


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I haven't tried it but why don't you try taking something like movicol(my friends daughter has it for severe constipation - bless her she's only 7 and has 6 packs a day on prescription) right from the outset. Its got to be worth a try! And welcome back

Mrs Taurus

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come back! I felt like I let my cdc down by putting all my 4st 12 back, but the only person I let down was myself! My cdc was glad to have the custom back I'm sure, plus she's really understanding.There are loads of us who have gone back to our cdcs with tails between our legs.
As forn the fibre supplement, I find the cd one really easy to take, Mr T ending up stealing it when he had a nasty case of the 'Farmers' as he calls them! He thought it was much better than the commercial stuff.
Look forward to seeing you back in Feb x
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Hi, welcome back and we will all be here to support and help you thru the good times and the bad xxx

Gaelic Faery

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I think you should return and buy the fibre tub from your CDC, it is highly recommended to add this to your diet daily to prevent constipation. Remember prevention is better than cure!


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You could always do SS+ where you can have some green veg which would help with the fibre, or you could do add a meal week more regularly than the recommended 12 weeks? So if you find it's a problem after 4 weeks, you could do an add a meal week every 4 weeks? I'm sure your CDC would have advice for you too. Did you drink enough water when you were on it before?


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Welcome Back Cherylxx --

And, I would suggest that you start now cutting our carbohydrates and using controlled portions... get yourself ready for sole source. Also, CD now has some lactose free products (the Choc Orange shake is one of them). Why don't you try just those when you first start back -- and then if you have a problem add in the fibre.

And, of course, always, always, always drink your water... and can you can start doing that now, too.

I have a friend who changed nothing in her diet or exercise -- except to drink 3 liters of water a day -- and she lost 10 pounds in two weeks!

Thank you for the replies everyone. A nice welcome back.... i wouldnt have expected anything less from the lovely people on this site :).
I always did use extra fibre from my cdc, in fact i doubled up on it most days. i drank in the region of 4 litres water per day too.
i do suffer from chronic IBS which the doctor is sure was the main problem.
im still going to give it a go again. im going to up my fluid intake now and will cut back on some of the carbs ( i can be a bit of a carb freak) and i intend to take fibre and movicol from day one of restarting in the hope i can keep the constipation monster at bay for a while.
i am actually very excited to be restarting again. i find that when im not on cd i am very jealous of those who are.. although i suspect im more jealous of their willpower and the control they have.
so heres to what will hopefully be my last cd journey, its a long one but i need to stop faffing about to go to battle. this is a battle i have to win before its too late and i lose the war.
hey and goof luck on your restart . Fibre and movicol are a great plan , I take 1-2 movicol everyday as get this problem too and was fed up of the undignified and painful use of glycerin suppositories !! ( ahh the things this diet makes us talk about with no shame !!!)

good luck and looking forward to seeing your progress :)


On a mission
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I feel your pain!
I had a major incident 7 weeks ago and still bleed now :'-(

But one thing that works for - the bars! They seem to get things moving. I have 2 or 3 a week now and have had a lot fewer troubles

Good luck!!


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Hiya, welcome back! I use Psyllium Husks capsules daily whilst I'm doing SS+ and I've had no major problems with constipation, to be honest. I also use the Cambridge Fibre suppliment daily. I know some people use the Psyllium husk powder as it thickens up shakes, but you have to drink it pretty quickly or it goes like paste.
Good luck with your journey. :)

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