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Returning to SS buddies - My day 2!

have just returned to the CD and I am doing SS. I am on day 2 and finding it tough!

I love reading everyone's stories. I am so motivated by it all. I would especially though like to know if anyone is also just returning and wanting someone to keep in contact and track their progress with me so I don't feel so alone!

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Fairy Princess to Be
Me too! Me too!
Am feeling a bit 'delicate' but not actually grotty and my determination is still intact. Am blogging away (diary link at bottom) to keep myself focussed and distracted in equal measure LOL
Feel free to drop me a message or a post and hopefully we can gee each other along!
How are you doing?

Hi Claire, How are you getting on? It's my day 4 and I'm battling through it but I have lost 8lbs so far which is highly motivating! This weekend will be the biggest battle for me. I have a sports barbeque....lots of yummy food and wine....and to not eat a thing will be my toughest challenge yet. Any tips? Jenny.x

Oh, by the way, it won't allow me to see your diary, I would imagine cos I am still a 'newbie'. What a shame as I like to read how other people deal with their battles!!


Fairy Princess to Be
Not to worry, you'll have enough posts in no time!
I was at a BBQ last Saturday, I was still 'working down' the plans then. Took two bottles of sparkling water (which, oddly, no-one else seemed to want LOL).
Not saying it'll be easy, but take an emergency brick/bar and I'm sure you'll be fine.
The great thing about being one of the few (only) sober one(s) there was that my team won at Buzz and I got to laugh at everyone else's drunken exploits and not feel lousy the next day!
Good luck!
Unfortunately I ate too much, drank too much and am suffering badly today! I am back onto SS but obviously very disappointed with myself (although I had a great time so am trying not to dwell on it too much). I am away this weekend and have already resigned myself to eating in moderation but after that, will give this diet my all!! How are you getting on?


Fairy Princess to Be
Pretty good first week, wasn't as easy as I was hoping it would be but managed to drag myself through the bad bits and stick to SS - weigh-in today showed a 6lb loss which is not to be sniffed at!
Just hope it wasn't all glycogen and that I continue to get some good losses before I have to start moving up the plans before my operation.
Glad you're staying positive, best of luck with the week ahead

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