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Revenge is a dish best served fat free

Revenge is a dish best served fat free
I am going to hell. It’s official. Was working particularly late tonight and went on to Facebook. Being as nosy as hell I dipped into the profile of someone I REALLY dislike. With good reason, I hasten to add. This woman is poison. She is married to my husband’s brother and we had a run in years ago. Never being one for plastic pleasantries I have no conversation with her or her equally poisonous friend. Here is where it gets awkward. The friend is also married to one of the brothers. Thankfully I am not alone in my intense disdain for them. My mother in law calls them “Rottweilers” and my other two sisters in law cannot abide the trouble they have caused in the family.
Anyway, I digress. As I was looking at the profile I started thinking how good it would feel to appear at the next family gathering at my target weight and see their reaction. I am ashamed to admit that this has given me a real motivational boost. How bad am I?
What makes matters even worse is both have weight issues too. I should be empathetic but this “evil urge” makes me want to stick it to them! Believe me, they would do it if the shoe was on the other foot (or cloven hoof in their case!).
This is not the ideal kind of motivation to reach goal but surely I am not alone. And what if, when the other motivations like better health, nice clothes, etc start to lose their lustre, what if the idea of flaunting your “new look” in front of a ***** or two is the one thing that keeps you going?
Imagine. You have been invited to a family event. The last time you saw these people you looked less than your best. This time you are in a fabulous dress, half the woman you were and looking AMAZING! Imagine them doing a double take on seeing you.
Tell me this doesn’t do it for you. Join me in hell!!!
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Goodluck, im sure you will reach your goal and look great and get lots of complements. just keep focussed and anytime you feel like giving up just go back on facebook.
hahaha I love it, think most us have someone we'd like to show off to to shut them up lol
I know exactly how you feel. My OH has littered our relationship with nasty comments about my weight over the years and although this is about me, my health and my self esteem, the years of 'fat cow', 'just too big', 'you couldn't walk down that pathway, it's too narrow (it was about 4 feet wide' etc etc are over.
White tulip thats awful!!! :mad: people can be so cruel, my ex was the same called me horrid names but you wait I will and you will have the last laugh :Na_Na_Na_Na:
You go girls. I think this we will see it through. I have 49 lbs to go but I have shed 98 lbs so far. So let's stick it to all those horrid people who have made our lives a misery!!!!
Good luck Minis x
Ha ha I love it. I have those people too. I just wanna shout ' Up yours, look whos laughing now' I can and have/will change my weight you *******s cant change your personality. Of course its my ex's and my husbands friends who I think compare me to his petite ex girlfriend. Shallow gits...... x
If it makes you feel any better, I am using it as motivation too for some nasty behatches that I know ;)

Good luck!!

haha, its official then, we're all going to hell! xD
love it :) we are meant to be going on hol in sept with my brother and his gf - love her to bits but she is a skinny minnie and i have a 6 month old baby - so not only do i need to lose the baby weight i also have the ugly stretchies :(

lets do it xx
I had to laugh at your post fit4forty, whitetulip, i'm sorry to hear that.

I hate the gym, and doing cardo weights, does my head in, but there is one girl and she doesn't like me, and me like her, she is an awful person.

So when i'm doing my sit-ups, or press ups, and other stuff, instead of counting 1 2 3 4, i do her name, c a r o l.........etc etc
then when i think that i've had enough, i do anothr set again using her initials...............how bad is that.
haha, chris that made me laugh! if it works for you though :D
chris love it......lol


Like to giggle
I love this thread!! :D

Believe me! We wouldn't be human if we didn't have that one person that you want to stick two fingers up to by walking in somewhere beaming with confidence and as vain as it sounds - beauty.

For me, there are a few who have decided to sh** on me through my teenage years and I'd love to turn around and stun them - more so because of the smile on my face when I get to goal, than fitting into a size 8 dress (although that would be fabulous too!) :)

I decided on my 20th birthday in May, it's the start of a new era for me and I'm going to make it a hell of alot better than the last one!!

here's to making people's jaws drop!!!!!!! xxxx
I just bloody love this thread!! In an awful way it's really made me smile. Good luck with getting to your goals....and when you get there and you see those people, please please please let us know what happened!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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I'm seeing my arch rival on the 14th August and so everytime I have a wobble I just think about walking in and seeing her face - it's really cruel but it's also spurring me on knowing that she never managed to stick SS past day two so I feel more powerful than her, AWFUL isn't it! :eek:

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