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Reviews - am confused now!lol

TBH most of the negative things and reviews I've read about CD are from people who've tried it and given up, or gone straight back to eating how they were before and piled weight back on - could be a bit of sour grapes maybe ;)

The fact is I've lost a huge amount of weight that I never would have done on a "conventional" diet, and I feel better than I have for years. If other people want to criticise the diet that's fine, but I'm benefitting from the results and don't care :D

Corinne x


Staff member
Perhaps some of the confusion may arise from the fact that the Cambridge Diet is not confined to Sole Sourcing and that you can choose between Step 1 to Step 5 as a means of losing weight.

For more information here is the link to the Cambridge Diet Site.

Cambridge Diet home page

Love Mini xxx


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Cambridge is well-researched, well-documented and is totally safe.

I have been on Cambridge for 6 months exactly to the day and I am fit as a fiddle, borne out by blood tests I have to have every four weeks due to medication I have to take for RA.

The proof is the people whom are successful on it.

You will always get people who criticise CD if they didn't manage to stick to it, or cheated and blamed the diet.

I agree with STBG, I find the reviews are only ever by people who have had bad experiences either on this diet or with anything. I've been on it only 14 weeks but can't fault it. I feel fantastic and have got to what would take me years with a conventional diet although I have a little left to go xx
It's like anything really, some people will get on with the diet and some people won't. This diet is not for everyone. But for the people who it does suit it has fantastic results. I personally don't like weight watchers, due to the weighing of food etc but that doesn't mean people haven't lost lot's of weight on it x x x

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