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Reward after weigh in?


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I have been doing slimming world since about the 2nd week of december 2010, up to now I have lost 1stone and 5pounds. I have done slimming world and lost three stone which is the same weight i am at now so very happy!

When I began slimming after weigh in and class I would buy myself a 'treat' which would be like a chocolate bar, every week my 'treat' has been different and now they are going terribly wrong.

Firstly I got a chippy and then my parents have been on holiday for two weeks so last week i got a whole takeaway for my 'treat' and I am already thinking of what I can have tomorrow after weigh in and I am thinking of a London pizza!!!!

There are people in my group who have a takeaway every Monday night after weigh in and they seem to lose every week,
maybe I am just trying to be cocky with the diet and am thinking that if other people can do it them I can!

So I was just wondering if anybody else was like this as I know a lot of people in my group are haha!
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I have a treat, but I stay sensible. My OH orders either a chicken breast shish kebab, or chicken tikka for me. I get in from group, make a huge salad and wait for the takeaway to arrive. It feels naughty, but really, it's basically a tasty chicken salad. That is my only naughty thing. Tho last week, I ate a whole pack of Hi Fi bars, the deluxe ones, OMG, I am sure I will pay for that this wednesday. :)
When I was younger and not nearly so big my friends and I decided that anything you ate or drank the evening of weigh in didn't count ... cue pizzas, crisps and wine galore!!

It worked for us then and we'd still lose weight but absolutely no way I'll be doing it this time. My older body doesn't seem to be able to shed pounds anywhere near as easily sadly and I'm not going to kid myself otherwise, I think it's denial that got me here in the first place ;)

However, I am planning on saving some syns up for Weds & Sat this week - Weds my husband I watch the Apprentice with wine and treats, and Sat we are off out for the night. I know banking syns is a bit frowned upon but would rather have my rewards that way for now and ease my way back in to healthy eating!
To be honest I never do that. Our c was talking about this yesterday, and she said if you have a treat you still of course have to count the syns within the weeks allowance.Some may be able to get away with it, me........................................... no my weight loss was too slow! Happy treating though everyone just stay in contol


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Oh its so hard not to treat whn you've done well tho! I say a small treat is ok, but it does depend on ya willpower. I've a feeling mine is gonna be rubbish as I crave chocolate! Lucky me!

han Xxx
I had said if I lot more than 2.5lbs this week I would have 3 kfc hotwings and a gravy dip because I'd been craving them all week but I got home from weigh in 4lbs lighter and decided to cook a proper dinner and not waste my syns. Then my OH walks in the door with the KFC :( not sure wether to have them or throw them in the bin!

Oh and I asked my Con today wether saving syns really was frowned upon and she said SW themselves do suggest not saving the syns but she herself would say have 10 syns a day max and the other saved syns can be used then for a treat. So I suppose it depends on wether you really NEED to save them.


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If you manage to go to a morning session, I have previously gone to pizza hut at lunch time for all you can eat...very very bad though!!!

Why not go out for a meal with other SW members or family/friends...the treat can be a slap up meal with dessert of course!
oh thank god its not just me then haha!
weigh in tomorrow then a chocolate bar me thinks!!!


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Same here, It's gonna be a weigh in day tomoorrow. I know I've been god today!

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