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**RhiBro's LAST Diary**

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by RhiBro, 8 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. RhiBro

    RhiBro Loves to munch!! :)

    Determined for this not to be a 'feeling sorry for myself post'! This is a fresh start, so should be positive; although a bit of background won't hurt.

    I'm 28 (7 years older than when I started dieting!), and am currently a good couple of stone heavier than I was then too! I've tried every diet under the sun, SW, WW, Cambridge, Rosemary Conley...and the list goes on. This is probably the 5th or 6th diary I have starte don Mini's, so I'm no stranger to this first, positive, introductory post, but also no stranger to the shame of losing the plot causing the posts to dwindle and finally stop! I've resisted going back through to find my old diary, as I think it would make me cringe!

    So anyway, I'm still hugely overweight (although I'm tall, 19st+ is still not OK!), and am feeling a massive fraud, as I keep telling friends and family about the new wonder diet I'm trying, and am sure they must be laughing behind my back when they see me tucking into 'fat food'. I'm fed up of wondering if my big ol' bum will fit into chairs, or 'shock horror', if I'll break them (not happened yet, but wouldn't discount it!!) I'm sick of being the 'big one' on photos, even if friends dont mention it and try to cover it up (problem is, at nearly 6 ft and this weight I just look like an absolute GIANT!!). I've had enough of not being fit enough to walk the dogs properly, and know they're suffering from my lazy-itis!!

    So...that's what I don't want. Now for the positives, what I DO want:

    • To be able to buy lovely clothes and feel good in them
    • To be able to run again, and do exercise in general
    • To feel attractive and not feel like my lovely boyfirend should be ashamed of me
    • To stick to a bloody diet...just this once!
    • To be in a good place, ready to start the rest of my life (babies, wedding, forever!)

    So, Slimming World it is, am joining a group in the next couple of days, as I need the motivation of the weigh in. My boyfriend is a chef, so we will be able to plan loads of yummy meals together. He's also so so supportive, I'm really lucky! My life is pretty hectic at the moment as I'm training as a Social Worker; however I manage to make time to eat bad food and sit on the sofa, I'm sure I can cope with healthy food and the odd walk around the block...for starters. Will update my stats when I know them properly.

    Am not setting myself strict targets, time-frames or goals, just to lose weight, become healthy and manage it as soon as I can. No pressure, any progress is good progress. Wish me luck, and join in for the ride if you fancy it?

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  3. RhiBro

    RhiBro Loves to munch!! :)

    Have decided to use the time between now and Tuesday (restart) to get my head straight, today I've been focusing on the positives of SW!
    I love love love the food, I love to cook, as does my wonderful chef! I prefer fresh food to horrible processed crap, and would often choose a home cooked meal over takeaway. Recently I've been swamped by assignments at Uni, so unfortunately I've lapsed in concentration as far as health and diet are concerned. I can easily put away a packet of biscuits or a huge bag of crisps...or both if I'm honest. I have another essay looming soon, so will need to sort out some SW friendly techniques to conquer this :)
    Am already planning amazing meals I can cook when back on SW. In the meantime I'm having a small blowout, although still controlled! Had a yummy subway today, although was just as excited about the salad as the bread!!

  4. NumNumPigsBum

    NumNumPigsBum "The Stig" Pig

    Subbing! You'll do it this time, I have utter faith in you! This time next year you will be a smouldering, svelte temptress... Grrr ;)
  5. RhiBro

    RhiBro Loves to munch!! :)

    Here's hoping. Am 30 in January 2016, which isn't so far off now, so am using that as my end goal, I'd like to be happy with how I look and feel by then. Not planning on putting a weight/size goal on it now, just the general plan of being slim and healthy :)
  6. NumNumPigsBum

    NumNumPigsBum "The Stig" Pig

    I am now the wrong side of 30 *sniff* I started in 2011 when I was 28 if only I'd stuck at it!! You WILL do it though, plenty time to get there and feel comfy in your own skin.
  7. RhiBro

    RhiBro Loves to munch!! :)

    Comfy in my own skin...I like it :)
  8. RhiBro

    RhiBro Loves to munch!! :)

    Totally not SW, but spent the afternoon with my chef making cupcakes for my friend's wedding party this eve...and am so proud of what we've done :)

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  9. NumNumPigsBum

    NumNumPigsBum "The Stig" Pig

    They look ace!!! I absolutely love baking and miss it loads :( I couldn't trust myself though it would all be eaten in a night!! Well done on your restraint and not scoffing them all :) xx
  10. RhiBro

    RhiBro Loves to munch!! :)

    Haven't even tasted them! Can't say the same for the buttercream though...was just quality assurance! ;)
  11. NumNumPigsBum

    NumNumPigsBum "The Stig" Pig

    Haha I would do the same! How's your day been today love?
  12. RhiBro

    RhiBro Loves to munch!! :)

    Hello my dear! Finally gave in and taste tested the cupcakes, they were yummy! The father of the bride even described them as 'contraband'! ;)
    Had a lovely day, lazy shopping trip with my boy this morning to stock up on SW goodies, ready for Tues, managed to get a cappuccino muller light to sample :)
    Made an amazing dinner this eve had friends round, so made a 'cowboy feast'! Best bit, although it wasn't 100% we could easily adapt it all to SW for future reference! It was ham boiled In diet coke, and pulled like pork, chicken thighs in chipotle paste (skin could be taken off), wedges (in air fryer), Mac & cheese (was a fatty version but could easily use bachelors for 2 syns), sweetcorn in lime butter (could leave out the butter), BBQ Beans (basically normal BB's, pimped out!, so SW friendly!), and garlic bread (only because we had one lying around the freezer!!
    Was such a yummy dinner, and am looking forward to having it again, but a little healthier! The ham and beans were particular faves! :)
  13. RhiBro

    RhiBro Loves to munch!! :)

    Lovely day back at Uni with my fellow students, and a pretty good food day, especially saying I'm not technically on plan yet!! Lots of fruit and veg, with a few naughties thrown in, but mainly good :)
    Had cowboy leftovers this eve, just as good as it was first time, even though it was only SW friendly stuff left...it's amazing how I actually prefer healthy food!! :) weigh in tomorrow straight after work...Eeep! :)
  14. MrsRees

    MrsRees Gold Member

    Hey :)

    Just thought I'd pop in and say hi and wish you luck. Are you joining a group tomorrow?

    I love your profile pic, I have 2 demented beagles!! x
  15. RhiBro

    RhiBro Loves to munch!! :)

    Hello!! Thanks for stopping by! Yep, straight after work tomorrow eve :)
    My pic is my little Bella, she's a rescue beagle, and she's bonkers, but can't be mad with her because she's too cute! Also have a staffy, who balances out the mental beagle!! I have no idea how you cope with two!! :) xx
  16. MrsRees

    MrsRees Gold Member

    Good luck for tonight, hope it goes well :)

    I love my 2 and know what you mean about not being mad at them. 1 is nearly 3 and the other is 18 months and they are both crazy but so cute and have us wrapped around their paws! x
  17. RhiBro

    RhiBro Loves to munch!! :)

    Oh for crying out loud!! This afternoon signifies everything that is wrong with my relationship with food!! Having been relatively good all day, I had to pop in to Mozzers to grab a copy of woman magazine to get the free joining fee voucher for group tonight. I came out with the magazine, a pack of salami, a pizza slice and a frijj milkshake...a final binge...which wasn't planned! Ridiculous that I picked up a slimming tool along with a load of crap!! Oh well, off to group in a min to get this ball rolling! :)
  18. RhiBro

    RhiBro Loves to munch!! :)

    I went, I weighed, and am appalled...just shy of 20st...TWENTY STONE!! Am disgusted with myself! that's the most I have ever weighed, 19st 12lbs!
    So, I have 2 choices...sit here any cry about it, or suck it up sort it out and move on...so here goes! :)

    I bought some hifi's, ordered a Fakeaways book for next week as takeaways are our downfall! I've come home and BF is prepping a SW curry and rice,,packed with veg, with a salted caramel hifi and a cappuccino muller to taste test, and I've prepped my lunch for tomorrow at work, lots of fruit and veggies :)
    I've logged Into the SW page, and bookmarked the syns online on both phone and iPad. I've spoken to a couple of friends who can offer support along with BF, but not shouting it from the rooftops this time, as I don't need the extra pressure.
    Have set my interim target as 18st12 and my club10 is 17st12, so there's some lovely little achievable targets to work towards there. Finally I'm posting here as the final step in my prep. No excuses, no lies and no cop outs...I'm doing it this time, no matter what :)

    Twenty bl00dy stone...
  19. RhiBro

    RhiBro Loves to munch!! :)

    Might as well start diary as I mean to go on!

    Tuesday (post-6pm!)

    Dinner: Beef curry (beef, onion, pepper, mushroom, spices, passata, 0% Greek yog, spray of oil (1/2)), batchelors mild curry super rice, hard boiled egg. Frozen banana, cappuccino muller.

    Snacks: salted caramel hifi (HEB)

    Drinks: pint of cherry coke zero, 2 pints SF squash, 2x tea (HEA) :)

    I know I should use fry light, but it absolutely hate the stuff, and I think it ruins pans, leaves a dodgy sticky residue, so have bought a spray bottle which I refill, and use just a squirt at a time, which is pretty much identical to the size of a squirt of fry light, so I'll just take the syn hit!! Maybe I'll come back to fry light eventually...not holding my breath though! Don't use much oil overall as I use the air fryer for most stuff :)

    Am trying by to stay syn light this week just because I have a boozy wedding on Friday, so w t to be able to stay on track. Plan is to flexi-syn it so I know I should use syns the rest of the days, just trying to stay down nearer to 5 a day :)

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  20. MrsRees

    MrsRees Gold Member

    Hardest part is over. At least you've got a plan and some obtainable goals in place to get you started :)
  21. RhiBro

    RhiBro Loves to munch!! :)

    So, today's food :) feeling really good so far, am in control and haven't even thought about cheating! it's early days but I'm happy! Have saved all my syns for this evening! I've just got back from work but I'm going back out 7-9, hence the noodles for a snack! I won't want my big dinner before I go, nor will I last til 9 for it, so seemed a good idea! Biryani is all made, just needs to go in the oven for a bit to heat through :)


    Breakfast: toffee Greek muller (1/2), Apple, satsuma

    Lunch: pasta n sauce, carrot, cucumber and pepper sticks, cottage cheese, ASDA fat free honey Greek yog, watermelon

    Snacks: 2 x satsuma, low fat super noodles

    Dinner: homemade veggie biryani, using leftover curry sauce, mild curry super rice, mushrooms, onions, peppers and hard boiled eggs

    Snack: frozen banana, kitkat (5.5)

    HEB: peanut hifi as a treat later
    HEA: skimmed milk in tea
    Syns: 6

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