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Rhubarb everyday?


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It's a tolerated and worth having if transit is an issue, as long as you're not having other tolerateds(fruit yog, soy sauce, corn flour etc).

If transit isn't too bad stick to adding it on pv days.

Rhubarb is actually a vegetable so you can have it each PV day. If you want it on PP days, then it's 100gr only and counts as a tolerated (I believe).

Rhubarb crumble (made with oatbran/wheatbran) and custard was my absolute favourite thing on cruise.:D

Oops, cross post with Jaqys!
100g is quite a lot though as a tolerated item, around a full stalk, so if you're having it for transit issues you probably wouldn't need the full tolerated amount. I would stick to just having it on PV days, I haven't mastered custard yet buy rhubarb crumble is definitely worth waiting for a PV day for!


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It was my understanding that you could only have a total of 60g of tolerated food so 100g would be way to much. I wouldn't have it every day, if anything it's very acidicy and affects your teeth (well it does mine anyway) x


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I think I will just have it every other day for now and see if it sorts out the transit issue, if not then I might try it every day, I'm not having any other tolerated food so it's the only one I would be having

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