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right guys, i'm leaving you.


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i haven't come off ss 100% as of yet but i am really struggling. i am having totm one week on and one week off and the cravings for meat are driving me insane and ss+ just isn't going to cut it. so i am thinking about having the odd low carb meal, no more than one a week, to keep the cravings in check and to make sure i stay on cd. i've already discussed it with my cdc.

i just wanted to let you know and i'll still be around, but i'm feeling a bit of a failure :(

you've all been fab :)

abz xx
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dont you dare!!!!!! i joined this forum a few days ago and you were a star....you are having a bad day...so what ...we all have them....i think if you come off this site you will give in altogether......xxxxxxxxx


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you ain't a failure abz... and i will keep telling you that... love you lots xxx


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ha. i'm not leaving the site honey. sorry. just the 100% forum :D

i'm totally addicted. i don't think i could ever leave, ha. it's taken over my life completely :D
i've just replied about this to your other 8 week challenge page, i dont know how to move it here... dont feel guilty or a failure x your still staying withing the plan i'm sure... just up to 810... or something liek that x
yeah ur not a failure ur just going up a plan thats all


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i'll stick about on here but i'll feel like a fraud because i might alter the plan around myself, which isn't ss or ss+. i'm holding out so far but i am worried that if i don't give into cravings that won't take me out of ketosis i'll give into ones that do...

i just wanted to let you all know because i didn't want to look like a total hypocrite...
your def not a failure hun your still on cd just a different plan. totm months makes me go mad aswell i crave all sorts especially cheese :( xx
like me right now!! :mad: cheese with mayo!! WTF ?

abs your not a failier hun, you really not, i am going through 1 week here and 1 here again! doing my head in!

i am keeping the cravings under control though! i am having an extra pack , i need it!

if you can do without the carbs hun do it! have an extra pack or extra bit of chicken or something!! dont eat carbs you will come out of ketosis and then be hungry and urghh ... :p

You are not a failure, or a fraud..just doing what is right for you to reach your goal and that can only be admired. I'll miss you on here but i'll see you on the other one. Best of luck sweetie.xx


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your not allowed to leave , Wait i'll join you sunday :) stay lol
abz - don't put yourself down!

It's all about finding what is working for you and I hope that you stop feeling like you have failed. There is always more than one way to solve a problem! Focus on the end result that is the important thing, not how you got there.
You're not a failure! :)
I was struggling on SS so moved up to SS+, does that make me a failure? NO!

Just because you're choosing not to stick to either plan 100% doesn't make you a failure either - it makes you a very smart lady cause you recognise when you can't do it anymore and you're taking steps to stop yourself from really doing any harm! :)
You should be proud of yourself girlie!

Best of luck x


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thanks guys :) i made it through the evening but i can't say i feel great today. also have a really bad case of salty mouth. it's totally gross. i don't like salt, ick...

at least i know that if i do go mental i can have a low or no carb meal and not worry about it too much. i don't want carbs. that's not what i'm craving so i'll stay in ketosis whatever ends up happening down the road. ha.

i'll still be lurking, no worries :)

abz xx
All depends on your carb tolerance I guess.
Mine appears to be quite high!

*whispers* I had communion at Church on Sunday
And I stayed in ketosis.

A low carb meal shouldn't do any damage I wouldn't think.
I hope you find your way through,in whatever way suits you best. It just seems such a shame that we can't offer you more support,as you yourself have offered support so often.

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