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Right heres the deal...After all my false starts and a successful first week on 790...I have finally decided I have to return to SS...Although I have been fighting with it since last october...the reason for this is that I have finally got the verdict on my fertility investigations and the fact is that I do need IVF, Trouble is my consultant cannot refer me for treatment until I have a BMI of 30 or less...Right now I have a BMI of about 37...and need to loose a minimum of 3st...and then I will be eligable to join the LONG waiting list and not before then...
So i am just warning you all I am gonna be on here ranting, raving and maybe crying for the next few days until I get into the full swing...I have struggled for so long and am scared of failing but if I dont do this I wont have a chance in fulfilling my dreams of starting a family...
Thanks for reading...
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Hi Red - thanks for sharing that with us - very brave :)

you can do this - and Minimins will support you all the way !!

good luck - and keep us posted with your successes !!!


Debz x
Hi Red.

Nows theres motivation for ya! You will so do it and we don't mind you screaming/ranting and raving at us - we all need to do it and this is why this site is so great!.

So "bring it on" as I say and lets get this SS lark licked - im pants at staying 100% ss and I know I need to to be where I want to be! My BMI is 35 odd so we aren't far off each other.

LETS GO FOR IT! Big and proper and then we'll both be taking our lives by the horns!

Hi Red, Go for it honey, im doing it for the same reason and everytime i wan't to give up i just think about how much i want children, its so hard but you can do it and you know everyone on here is there for you, good luck for the next few days xx


Queen of the Damned
Hey Red,

That's what we're here for after all - to see you through the good and the bad. Like Anewme said, this is major motivation so let's get you on that road :hug99:
I can't think of a better reason for wanting to lose the weight. We will be here for you Red, every step of the way!

Hi Red....u have a good reason for ssing so good luck and rant and rave as much as u want, we are all here to support u. I have only just got back into it this week, and i know how hard it can be.... but i did it and so can u.


Silver Member
like everyone else has said you have a brilliant reason to loose the weight. Hopefully the thought of a baby will carry you through when it gets hard, rant and rave as much as you like - thats why we are here! But most of all Good Luck!


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Rant, rave,cry, laugh and any other emotion you need to let out. We've all done it or felt like doing it at some time.

You are with people who understand how ruddy hard this is....we really do!!

Stick with us and we'll prop you up every step of the way honey.:D

Lacey xx :)
Reading your post has actually really helped me. I've been struggling too but I only want to lose the weight for vanity, your purpose is so worthwhile...if you can do it with all this pressure on you then I can do it too! If you want a minimins buddy to rant at feel free! Good luck, we can do this!!! x
Ditto what everyone else has said. We are all here for you. Come and rant on here as much as you like and we are all here to congratulate your successes and kick ass if need be...

You have the ultimate reason for wanting to lose weight. Just think, if you put your mind to it, you can have that 3 stone off well before Christmas and give yourself the wonderful xmas present of getting yourself on that list.

Come on Red. You can do it.
Thanks everyone...I'm menatally preparing myself for the next few days as I know they are gonna be the hardest...but I will come on and keep u posted...Thanks for the lovely replies!! xxx

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