right im gonnna take the plunge will you be my friend


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but i think im going to set myself 12 weeks to get all the weight of i can then refeed no matter what, and carry on loosing steady but slowley what do ya rekon
have many people succeeded by having a set 'light at the end of the tunnell'?


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Hi GemsieBrown,

Welcome to the cd forum :) I hope you can get hold of your CDC soon and make that initial appointment!

Advice I would give is to make sure before you start that you have paracetamol! You may experience a few headaches while getting into ketosis - but once you are there you can ditch the pills and enjoy the fantastic weighlosses!

Lots of people are initially advised to cut out carbs before starting cd - this can help with headaches I believe. I personally have not ever done it this way and just gone cold turkey.

I think you are right to only set yourself a small target (12 weeks) because some people find it hard to achieve such big goals - Little by Little is your best bet hun :)

If you look at people's signatures it gives you a rough idea of the losses that people have had on the Cambridge Diet :) It can be very inspiring. You will soon have a signature full of achievements!

Good Luck hun!

Hugs x x x


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Hello and welcome to CD!

I did cut out carbs/caffeine/alcohol a few days before I started, and it REALLY helped me ALOT. I had no headache or anything, and was in ketosis very quickly.

I also upped my water intake before hand too, that helps. Focusing on my goals helped me alot initially, and still does now. Finding out whats important to you and keeping that in your head!

Good luck with it!


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Day 8 today and 10lbs down. Have 46lbs left to go.... hoping to be done by end of March.
Welcome and good luck!
A x


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welcome Gem i did the same when i started , thought just 12 weeks and see where i got then, Now i have another goal to reach a certain weight but late feb, so i can start fertility i think breaking it up really helps, as others have said. Good luck on your cd journey


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Hope you can get through to the CDC and can get started asap. It is a great way to lose weight, although it can be difficult too during those early weeks.



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Best Tips

:eek: hi i am going to do it, tried calling the consiller but no reply but i am going to keep trying
how have you all done so far and your best tip please ?? you lot are soo inspirational x

Hey Gem,

Welcome. My best tips are:

1) Clear your fridge and cupboards of any temptations (if you don't have it you can't eat it). And, I have a family -- so, I buy them what they like but I don't. (For a fat person I am very picky.)

2) The water flavourings really work for me -- so, I mix up a jug at night or first thing in the morning and pour it into four 1/2 litre bottles. Then, I have two others with plain or fizzy water in the fridge. When those six bottles are empty I know I have drunk at least 3 litres. I also have a small bottle to put in my bag when I leave the house. Drinking steadily throughout the day is key. A eventually your body will adjust and you'll be able to manage not running to the loo constantly. The first few days of a VLCD you will lose a lot water because most of us are retaining water due to high salt intake, and not enough water.

3) Add exercise -- but slowly and only build to what you can sustain long term. The key to long term weight loss (and then maintaining it) is to change your lifestyle. I made the mistake of taking on an incredible amount of exercise (when I went on LL) and I lost very fast (5 stone) -- but when I stopped working out, I started regaining at about 2 pounds a month (over 2 stone back on).

So, this time on CD -- I plan to make long-term sustainable changes to my diet and fitness programme, so that it becomes how I live my life. It may take longer to lose, but it should all stay lost.

4) This website is very helpful, so stick with the plan and us... and you can do this!

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The flavourings sound a good idea as I could have flavoured hot water, I will buy some at next meeting with counsellor.


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Best tip...hmmm...I have a few....

1) Keep going. Whatever happens just keep going. You might have a day when you fall off the wagon - just get back on - or a day where you can't remember why you are doing it - just keep going. Don't give yourself a choice.

2) Remember if other people can do it so can you. You CAN achieve your goal.

3) Sort your head out! I'm a big believer in headology. This dieting business (and the gaining weight business) is mostly in our heads. Have a good clear out and get your head in the right place. I think that this is one reason why people put the weight back on - the problems they had haven't gone away so food comes calling again. Sort them and you'll learn skills to get you through.

Sorry bit of an essay there!


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Good Luck & Welcome! I am new to this too so I shall keep looking for your updates :)