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Road Trip!


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So, we're off on a road trip next weekend. 9 hours (at least) behind the wheel for our best friend's wedding in Iowa. I'll tell you all about the wedding another time, it's going to be fantastically super-gay tacky in a wonderful way and we love them to bits. In the meantime, my big problem is what to eat.

Like I said, we'll be in the car for at least 9 hours. We're setting off at about 5am (have to be there by 4pm for the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner) so we're planning to pack snacks and things to eat en route. We don't want to rely on stopping off to eat but other than sandwiches, what can we take that won't spoil on the journey (it's going to be 80+ degrees) and will still let me stay on plan? I'll probably be doing a lot of the driving too.

And on the day of the wedding, we'll need breakfast and lunch. Again, dinner will be taken care of.

And then there's the drive back...

We have a cooler and access to ice, but we don't have a fridge in our room and nothing other than a coffee maker to heat water...

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Hi there.

Do you like couscous or mugshots or things like that? I went away with work for a night, and i took a packet of flavoured couscous as was able to make this with hot water from the hotel room and had that for my lunch the second day, and then a mugshot is always handy as if your out you can just ask for a cup of boiling water. You could also make some savoury rice or a pasta dish to eat on your way up..And of course take lots of fruit to nibble on!

Not very exciting I know but hope this is some sort of help!

Enjoy the wedding! x


doesn't have a witty name
S: 18st6lb C: 17st12lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 45.7 Loss: 0st8lb(3.1%)
I can't get mugshots over here :( but I think I've seen flavoured couscous in the grocery. I'll have a look this week and see if they have any--that's a great idea for something I can make in the hotel room.

I was thinking of making up a huge pasta salad, and maybe a SW quiche as well. And there'll be lots of fruit. Mostly I just need to stay focused so that I don't have a huge weigh-in shock when we get back, especially as there's a chocolate buffet at the reception :eek: Plus, the bride and bride LIKE their food (even more than me ;)) so it's unlikely that this will be a healthy wedding. But it will be a lovely wedding and that's all that matters.


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SW quiche, spicy rice, pasta, jar of pickled onions or gerkins.....have a great time at the wedding though, life goes on and allowing yourself some treats will help to limit the damage rather than not wanting to veer off plan then falling off the wagon big time ;)
i would do a huge pasta salad - you can just keep snacking away at it.

Lots & lots of fruit too - Have a fantastic time, it sounds like it is going to be brillient :)


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Don't forget a couple of Alpen bars if you can get them. The wedding sounds fantastic, hope you're saving your syns - a chocolate buffet is too good to miss out on! :talk017:
A big tub of fresh fruit salad, definately. Some homemade savoury rice and sw quiche.

You could also get some of those 100 calorie packs, the popcorn ones are good, pop it before you leave in the microwave obviously.

I don't know if you have a Meijer near you, but in their international sections I have managed to get scan bran, so you could get some of those and make up a chocolate scan bran cake, and cut into bite size pieces.

Take some syn free yoghurts maybe too.

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