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Robinsons Peach Fruit & Barley

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by yummy01, 2 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. yummy01

    yummy01 New Member

    I have been guzzling down the Robinsons peach barley water like nobodys business feeling great as i was getting loads of water in and thinking it was free....however ive just looked on the syn value online and im horrified! It says 1 syn per 100 ml. I just went into full on panic as the glass i have been having is 500ml so am i have 5 syns?? OR does it mean 1 syn per 100 ml of concentrate?? (There is 1L in the bottle). To make matters even more confusing, when i use the syn calculator it says its FREE?! Does anybody have an answer to this please? xx
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  3. If you read the labels on the bottle you will see that there are 11 calories per 100ml of concentrate. Using the 1 syn per 20 calorie rule, I would make that a tiny bit more than 1/2 a syn per 100ml. Maybe SW have rounded it up?

    Each bottle is 1 litre, which is 1000ml, which means that each bottle contains 110 calories. Which is five and a half syns for the whoile bottle.

    The label says that there are approximately 20 servings in a 1 litre bottle, which makes each serving 50ml. Which is five and a half calories, which is so small that frankly I wouldn't worry about it!

    I have always thought of it as free - you would have to knock back gallons of it to make any real impact on weight loss.

    Anyone who thinks my calculations aren't right, please say so! I could have got it wrong!
  4. yummy01

    yummy01 New Member

    Hi Anna, thanks so much for your reply- i totally forgot about the 20 cal rule! So in actual fact i could drink the whole bottle and only be 5.5 syns down. Whoohoo! i think im addicted to it. Thanks so much xx

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