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Rockchick72s food diary

My days so far

Am doing Extra Easy at the moment

HEA - 250 ml semi skim milk
HEB - Hifi bar
B - fat free yogurt, banana, mango, cinnamon
L- jacket potato, cottage cheese and pineapple (1.5), salad leaves with tomatoes,peppers, onions, beetroot
T - chicken stir fry and noodles with sweet chilli sauce (1)
WW fromage frais (.5) 2 x Hotel Chocolat chocs (6)
Total syns 9

HEA 42g mozzerella
HEB - 2 x light Hifi bars

B - omelette with mozzerella tomato mushroom onion and basil
L- couscous with chickpeas, mango, herbs, peppers, rocket and mango and chilli dressing (.5)
snack - wafer thin ham and a pear
tea - salmon, potato wedges, broccoli, leeks in quark
sugar free jelly and yogurt (SW mousse) - 1 syn
100 ml semi skim milk - 2.5
125ml dry white wine- 4.5
2 chocolates - 6

syns - 14.5

HEA - 250 ml semi skim milk
HEB - Hifi bar

Brunch - bacon, beans, mushrooms and tomatoes
snack - pear
T - steak, peas, roast pumpkin, peppers and onions

WW from age frais - .5
Chocolate - 8 (2 chocs and 1 baton)
175 ml dry white wine - 6
Total syns 14.5

I am really pleased with the weekend as this is normally where I lose it or claim I am having flexi syns - so managing to stick to no more than 15 syns on Fri and Sat is great for me

HEA - 250 ml semi skim milk
HEB - Oatso simple ( +1 syn as flavoured)

B- porridge with banana and blueberries
L - couscous as Friday (.5 syn for dressing)
T - gammon, egg, SW chips, broccoli, leeks and carrots
SW mousse made with sugar free jelly and fat free yogurt - .5 syn

Hifi bar - 6 syns

still a couple of syns to play with if need be - but am very full at the moment!
Had 5 syns of chocolate last night so total syns yesterday - 13

I shouldn't feel it is wrong using 15 syns should I?


HEA 250 ml semi skim milk
HEB 42g crunchy bran

B - crunchy bran with milk banana and blueberries
L- jacket potato, cottage cheese and pineapple (1.5 syns) and a big mixed salad
T - pasta with bolognese (home made) with tomato, mushrooms, courgette, onions

snack Muller coconut

Just made SW choc orange cheesecake (alpen light base and then just quark sweetener and an options choc orange - makes 2) - it is chilling but looks nice - 4 syns

Probably have that and 2 chocs - 6 syns which will be 11.5 syns total
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Tomorrow's plan

HEA - 250 ml milk ( can you have more than this as HEA when it is 1% milk?)
HEB - sachet instant oats

B- oats with banana and blueberries
L - pasta with bolognese from last night
t - home made fishcakes with potato, tuna, spring onion and sweetcorn (4 syns for breadcrumbs made from 1 slice med wholemeal) and a big salad

snacks -muller light, satsuma

Found you! Your diary looks good and the food especially! Lots of salad and veg which will really help boost your loss! Also nabbed a few ideas for myself too! Especially breakfast as I'm up and out so early so it's a bit of a grab and go for me!

Can't help with the milk question as I don't really use much of mine during the day - don't drink tea or coffee and I like my
Cheese too much lol but certainly dont feel bad for using your syns, that's what'll make SW a lasting diet as you won't feel deprived of things. :)

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WOW,Your food diary looks fantastic!!i wish i was so inventive!im on my second week and have just fallen completly off plan. :-(
Thanks guys - I'm thinking maybe I should put my food diary and weight loss diary all in one - I'm sort of switching between 2 at the moment so will transfer everything to the weight loss one I think

Rach - I think it can be difficult when the novelty of the first week wears off - start tomorrow as a fresh day and just take one day at a time

I'm going over here

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