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rocky times ahead....

Sorry to hear about that.

Treat it as a new opportunity, rather than the end of something (and try not to think too much about bills yet!).

Now go uncork that bottle!!
I know how that feels...
the answers aren't at the bottom of a bottle or under that last slice of pizza though so don't sabotage yourself over it.. you'll only feel worse if you STS or have a gain next week...
that said, if you normally have a few on a friday and it's in your plan / syns then enjoy and try not to worry too much..

what is it you do and where are you? ( so we can see if we might be able to help.. )


I will be a yummy mummy!
Sorry to hear that. We got told last august that our office is closing - but not before October this year. It's horrible waiting but does give you the opportunity to do something completely different.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do hun, you'll find something xx
Thanks everyone. I have actually been quite good... considering. I treated myself to a g & t (slimline tonic) so hopefully haven't done much damage. Haven't eaten anything I shouldn't so, although the SW wagon rocked a bit, I didn't fall off.

Coljack your words really bought me to my senses - I had the Domino's menu in my hand when I read your post.

Thanks everyone for your words of wisdom x
I did binge when they told me, but I didn't have any cash on me for a takeaway, and the only food I had in was SW stuff, so I binged on aplen lites and options hot chocolate... :)
He he... that's one of the healthiest binges I have heard of. I am feeling proper chuffed this morning now though - could of so easily been a disaster last nite ;) Thanks again x
you're more than welcome and I wish you luck in your job hunting..

if they've only just told you there will be a large number redundancies and who, aren't they supposed to give you like 3 months notice or something as a "consultation period"??
We were told at lunch time last Friday and, everyone who accepted (they were voluntary redundancies), finishes today at close of business so there was little time to get used to the idea. The problem was we were told that compulsory redundancies may follow and, if they did, we would get a lot less money. That was the issue. I don't live on the mainland (Im on the Isle of Man) so it may be different over here. I spent all weekend with my head all over the place but decided to stick with the company and say 'no' to the payout. Im a single mum so, whilst the money was tempting, I can't walk out on a job like that. Hopefully it was the right decision.

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