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Roddys Bio Oil test diary :D


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ok guys and girls,

today i went out to buy some bio oil :)

ive decided for those of you who havnt used it like me, and want to know wether its worth the money i would keep a diary.

i have awful scars were strech marks used to be on ma biceps, thighs and belly so im goin to keep you all posted on how its going on getting rid!

if we say 0 is their current shabby condition and 10 is where i want to be i will put a number at the end of my signiture to keep you all informed

thanks for reading :)
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Oooo cool! I'll have to get me some Bio Oil too! The only thing I'm dreading about losing weight is the loose skin, is there a way I can reduce that without having to have surgery?? xx

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sparkling:)and hopeful :)
i absolutely love bio oil, its like a little miracle in a bottle i get a small bottle from home and bargain for just a fiver but it lasts ages u only need to use a small amount, its usually a lot more expensive than that so grab it while u can x x

Liam L

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i dont have many stretchmarks mailnly just on my shoulders and a few on my arms might try it see what goes on ive heard of cocoa butter before but not this
Don't mean to P**s on your chips but my friend who works for a company developing new medical treatments for scar tissue insists that things you can buy over the counter like bio oil don't work.
I really hope that they do though!! I can't wait to see your results so keep me posted!
Nothing gets rid of stretch marks :-(

I used palmers cocoa butter and baby oil on my skin as soon as I found out I was pregnant ...at the end of my pregnancy my stomach looked like a road map....It's all down to our elasticity in our skin and not some miracle cream.

Maybe u should take pics of ur stretch marks and when u finish the bio oil take more and compare. They do fade over time anyway.

Sorry for being cynical, but if they got rid or faded stretch marks I would have bathed in the stuff every day.


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Good idea rodders!
Thanks ;)


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Excellent idea roddy- keep us posted. My mum bought my brother a bottle for a scar he has on his face- and i moaned asking where mine was- so she bought me a big bottle but ive not used it yet. I have a few stretch marks on my hips but they've already turned silver so im not sure how much help the oil will be but its worth a try!

The cheapest place ive every seen it is costco warehouse

Good luck roddy!


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Ooh this will be interesting!!

would like to see how it goes, any little improvement is an improvement!! x


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I bought some Bio Oil in Boots on Saturday, they have them on offer atm. I bought one of the big bottles for 16 quid rather than 19. It recommends that you use it twice a day for 3 months- so I reckoned a big bottle would be the way to go!
Time will tell..... xx


I will be skinny again!!!
I might try it if it works!!

Im covered in them!!
the thing with stretchmarks is that they are permanent. The only thing that is good news is that they fade.

I have been getting stretchmarks since i was 14 - first from my body changing shape then weight gain.

Bio oil will probably speed up the fading process - and will help keep your skin soft and moisturised to help prevent any more developing.

Also sunbathing works on red stretchmarks
be interested to know how this goes bud keep it updated


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well guys, i like the way things are goin to be honest i might move it up to a 2 from a 0


current score - 2


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ooh thas good love, think u shud take foties, an show us all when u finish an uv got the body of a god hahahah


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yeah roddy... some pictures please.
i would have done it but i dont think anyone wants to see my tiger stripes :p but really i swear by bio oil. its amazing stuff.

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