Romantic low carb meal...Help!


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Okay I really need peoples help, I have my boyfriend coming to stay with me this Friday and I want to cook something nice for him. He is currently on the duken diet which is Low carb and ofcourse I am on slim and save. Whilst normally I am on the 4 packs a day I thought on friday I will have 3 and have a nice meal. Problem is, I am not much of a cook and have no idea what to cook so this is where I need your help! Please, can anyone give me any recipes for a low carb but yet still romantic kind of meal? It's his first time over at mine and I wanna impress him :p
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How about steak with swede chips and grilled mushrooms? Or a roast dinner with lean meat, roast swede instead of potatoes and veggies? Or a nice salad? Not sure how romantic these are, hope it gives you some ideas though! Anna x


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Grilled chicken with swede chips and veg. Or chicken salad.