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Ronniejacobs New Weightloss Diary

hi guys,
well i had a week off work and did not go to sw as had a hol, and guess what despite telling myself i can stick to it if i know i am not going one week i find it difficult.

Starting a new diary, starting afresh tomorrow, get weighed tomorrow night and buying a 12 wk countdown.

Thank you for all who read my diary on here it will be filled with my food, and thoughts so sorry if its boring but thats my life lol

Until i find out what i have put on this week i am not sure how much i will have to lose for target but i want to get to 11st 11 which will mean that i lost a total of 4 stone in hopefully 2 years as want it off by september.

Am fully committed to this again so here goes fingers crossed

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thank you hon, there is no more rubbish food in my house so back to fruit for brekki, couscous forl lunch and no excuses. oh yeah and have not smoked for 8 days but am rather nervous about going back to work and really wanting a cig when my day gets tough
well new day new start n all that - felt really stressed today and bought cigs so have to try again on the positive side

food so far today
Melon, pear and a mueller light
ainsleys couscous 1.5 syns (whole packet) tuna, gherkins and tomatos and 1 tbsp salad cream 3 syns

dinner will be chicken and veg pasta and 28g cheese for my hex a not sure what hex b will be
Had 25.5 syns yesterday
rather chuffed did not have a gain last night as i was expecting to.

Bought a 12 week countdown and have 25lbs to go to target which will bring me to 11.11 which will be 4st off in total and 3lbs under my 12st goal.

aiming for 2lb a week so here goes

Breakfast hifi bar hexb
lunch ainsley couscouse 1.5 syns, tin of tuna, gherkins, beetroot, and tomato.
dinner - mince and rice - other half is having enchiladas so i use the dry packet mix half a packet between 2 and the tomato mix so its 4 syns in total for me and 28 g cheese

milk for day 4 syns
well the weekend is here, bought some new combats today love them, off to edinburgh on monday so will be being v good on the train (love m&s fruit and diet pop) then v good in the hotel. only prob will be the buffet style lunch for the training day mmm what fun that will be


Excited about the new me!
Hi Ronnie. Just popped in to ay hi, had a quick read. You sound focussed and that 12 week countdown will boost your motivation to go to group.We have a good support group on here "from here to Eternally Slim", share good and bad tips, recipes and motivate one anothe in the week and before WI day too. If you fancy joining, come on over and say hi.. How did the eating in the hotel go? x
well had a good day today have realised in the last 3 days have almost had all mysyns for the week but hey ho never mind v busy weekend so aiming for a mantain this week

Breakfast - an orange
lunch - couscous, chicken and tomato and season all
dinner - 4 morrisons low fat sausages 2 syns, gravy 1syn and mash mmmmmm
dessert a grapefruit and mueller light
thanks rubymoss
well mum has just gone home after a lovely weekend, far too good in respect of all the food consumed so hey ho back on it tomorrow with a vengence!!!

plan of attack for tomorrow will be
b - melon and strawberry
l - potato and 2 x syn free mugshot, apple, satsumas
d - chicken and vegetable pasta

also probably humble pie at weigh in when i find out i have put on thei weekend oops :)
bloomin eck put 4lbs on at weigh in well it will be off this week. total syns today 14

menu plan for tomorrow
b - melon and strawberries and a mueller light
l - couscous, salmon, pickled onions, pickled cucumber, cherry tomatoes,
d - extra easy chicken and spinach curry
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well stuck to plan today only syns i have had were
mueller light cherry layer yog x2 4syns
malted milk biscuit x 1 2 syns
custard cream biscuit 3 syns total today 9

Menu plan for tomorrow
b - apple, satsuma, hi fi bar and a muller light
l - left over curry
d - pork steak and savory rice (quick tea before flicks)

must pick up some nice fruit for cinema snacking will defo lose weight this week!!!!
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well bought my cinema snacks for tonight really fancied some popcorn so leftover syns from yesterday and 15 from today for my popcorn 20syns for 100g of butterkist it better be worthit!!!!!

Dead hungry today already scoffed 2 satsmas, an apple, a nectarine and a packet of crabstick thankfully all free :)
well wentover yesterday had a morrisons cornetto too so total for day 29. but will bring it back so not too worried

menu for today
b - mueller light and fruit
l - tuna, pasta, pickled onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppter
d - spag bol syn free and 28 g cheese on top

prob have my hex b later but did not have it yesterday and when i fill up on fruit dont tend to want it
oops here i go again went over again yesterday with as mall piece of home made choc torte v small piece estimated 15 syns, left with 29 for the weekend which is fine

menu today
b - hi fi, mango, kiwi, pineapple
l - couscous, salad, chicken, 2 tbsp light salad cream (4)
d - chicken, onion, noodles, pepper, ginger, soy, chilli

snack 3 nice biscuits 6

dessert - grapefruit, mueller light

total left for sat/sunday 19syns
good morning all what a beautiful day (so of course i am staying in and playing board games as am rubbish in the sun :) )

Breakfast hi fi bar and a cup of tea (1syn for milk)
lunch - roast turkey, roast sw potatoes, roast parsnips, spring greens and fine beans, 1 yorkshire put 3 syns and gravy 1 syn
dinner - tuna and supernoodles and lots of fruit after and 28g cheese hexa
had a couple of biscuits yestderday 6 syns

b - grapefruit
lunch - jacket potatoe, tuna and supernoodles (tried this yesterday really filled me up)
dinner - pork chop, jacket potato salad and cottage cheese

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