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Rosemary Conley5% fat cheese

I've been trying to find it for weeks too. Been to ASDA, Tesco and Sainsburys. I have found though, that Tesco have a Light Choices Low Fat Mature Cheese, and its 2.7g of fat per 100g :D Not tried it yet right enough lol
I got some from Asda, but is is tasteless and resembles rubber (not that I eat much rubber!)


New Mum :)
Have to agree with Lizzie. I picked some up from Asda's and tried a slice and have to say, it wasn't too great. Then again, neither was the other cheese that my other half got at the same time which was also made by the same farm.

Trouble is I'm too used to cathedral city!

I've got a block of the weight watchers cheese which is 10% fat and they also do a grated version which isn't too bad. If I have cheese I just use that as my 100 cal high fat treat. I don't have a treat every day so the cheese probably uses 2 of those.

However, back to the RC cheese. It's apparently available in Asda or Morrisons so if you can't see it with the other cheese then I'd ask to check and see if they stock it.
Thanks for the information. We don't have a morrisons and our Asda store isn't one of the bigger ones so there are a lot of things they don't stock.

I'm on FAF at the moment so when that finishes I think I will go with the full fat version as a daily treat, as I remember trying some low fat cheddar years ago and it was tasteless and rubbery, so would rather save my calories for the real thing.

wilyn 205

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ive tryed it its not gr8 I tend 2 have cottage cheese or quark and have normal hard cheese as a treat grated so it looks more I got it from morrisons


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Weight Watchers is 10% fat, the grated stuff isn't too bad
Sainsburys does a 15% (I think) fat cheese which isn't too bad
Cathedral City has a 20% fat cheese which is the best lower fat that I've tried.

The RC cheese is probably fine either mixed with some slightly higher fat cheese (eg. both grated and mixed in) or possibly in cooking. But as a raw cheese it's not good! :D
On further testing, as a cooked cheese this isn't too bad. I chopped a slice up and put it on some sardines on toast and grilled it all yesterday and the grilled cheese was okay. It's no cathedral city, but it was okay :) Next job is to try making a cheese sauce with it!
Oh cheese how I love the stuff and how it loves my hips! It gives me a great big hug and then won't go!! LOL
:D:eatdrink017:I know its one of my weakness's lols:eatdrink012: at min been trying not too have any hard cheese just cottage and quark


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I tried some yesterday - it looks and feels really weird which was a bit off putting - all slimy to hold as I was grating it...

I had it on the mushroom and pasta bake, I thought it was ok, (nowhere near as nice as the real thing of course).

It didn't taste so nice when reheated as leftovers, and the texture went a bit odd. So the moral is eat it all up so there's no leftovers - fine by me! :D
rc cheese

Hi All

Since my last post I have found some lovely cheese it is from Aldi and it is 4.5% fat, under the 5% - it tastes great, but not sure about sauces yet as I haven't done one.

oh, do you have the name of it hun? sounds like a trip to aldi will be on the cards for me!
I looked at this thread and on the recommendation of the cheese from Aldi I went there yesterday to get some
I realise the thread is 2 years old so the cheese may have changed
But just to say, I bought some of the Be light reduced fat mature cheese and the fat content is 15%.
15.0g per 100g
260kcal per 100g
There are those coloured circles on the packaging to show you the nutritional values per serving (in this case 30g)
And the FAT circle does show 4.5g ...maybe that is where the mistake was made
Anyway, I made a special trip to Aldi - nearest is 7 miles away, so I hope this post might be of use to anyone else thinking this cheese is below 5% fat
By the way, I have tried it and it tastes nice

nicojo :)
I wonder if the rosemary conley cheese has changed as I really like it. it is really hard to find cheese we can have!

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