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rosie's Diary:- the good, bad nd downright ugly!


Big, busty and Blowsy!
hello all,
I have decided to write my own diary on here as I have no close friends or relatives to talk to. :sigh:

This will be a "warts and all" diary so if you are of a nervous manner, you have been warned!
Well this is my third week of S.W. and so far have managed to lose 9lbs. This was 7.5lb the first week and 1.5lb the second week. It probably would have been more but I have very messy decorators in at the minute, splashing red paint everywhere! I think I might be starting to go through the change, as I keep getting hot flushes and periods are very scatty where they were as regular as clockwork.
Anyway, an amazing thing happened to me today, I got a marriage proposal!!! Unfortunately the man who proposed was an old tramp who came into the shop I work at to buy his whiskey! He's not the most savoury of men as he has his own unique perfume 'eau de p*ss' bless him! We have to spray the shop after he's been in for the comfort of our other customers.
Still a proposal is a proposal, unfortunately Iturned him down as I am too fond of sleeping in a bed, and don't think I could change to cardboard and newspaper at my age.
He left the shop a bit disappointed, but i'm sure he'll survive!
My diet is going really well today, for breakfast i had 2 ryvita goodness bars (HE B) with 2 coffees (milk HE A).
Lunch was a ham and salad sandwich (bread HE B) with a mullerlite yog.
Tea is going to be a Morrisons lamb shank in minted gravy, (free on red) with cabbage, broccoli and carrots.
Snackwise today I have had an apple, a handful of grapes and 2 kiwi
I usually save my syns til the evening and today there is a bag of cheese and onion crisps in the kitchen with my name on!
I always have my two HE A choices as 250ml semi skimmed milk, (500ml in total) and I usually have enough to have a mug of milky coffee before I go to bed.
I am at work tomorrow (stocktaking) until 2pm so I will write my next entry sometime after that!

Be good and speak to you all soon.
Tip of the day:- buy sauce flour to make a white sauce, you don't need to add butter or marge, and it can be made using water instead of milk if you want! Or a mix of the two. Sauce flour can be found in most supermarkets in with the SR and plain flour, although my Morrisons don't seem to want to stock it, twits! 28g is 4 syns and you just mix with 10fl oz of liquid.
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taking one day at a time
:8855:that made me laughabout your marriage proposal lol
wel done on your weigh loss so far you have done fab :):):)

thank you fo the tip will look out for the sauce flour :D


Is so very nearly there!
Wow I shall be reading with interest!

Good Luck on the rest of ya journey!

ha, poor bloke! well done on your losses so far, what days your WI day? x


Big, busty and Blowsy!
well here I am again, just in from overtime at work, and clutching a warm mug of soup (HE B) Yesterday I spent 4 hours putting choccy bars on shelves, and today I spent 4 hours taking them back off, counting them, then putting them back on again! :)
I did spend 15mins chatting up a 21y.o. workman while I was on me tea-break tho' so not a totally wasted morning! When I got home there was a disco next door as the boy has the day off college, so while i'm typing the whole house is reverberating to some bassy muzic. I shall do my usual response and play them Danny La Rue (thanks mum!) at about 9pm tonight! That usually shuts them up for a week or so!
Am now going as the dog is attacking my slippers, he's decided he don't like them. I wouldn't mind but i'm still wearing them!
Tip of the day:- put a garlic clove in with potatoes while you boil them, then mash with your HE a/b cheese triangle allowance for a creamy, garlicy treat.
What a fantastic tip about the mash...will try that!
Isnt stock taking fun? ....not! Lol


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Well done on the 9lbs! Like you I seem to appeal to the more unsavoury men in our hospital! Usually over 90! I haven't had a proposal lately, but was told I could have a job as his housekeeper for £500pw! He had 1 leg and breath that could kill an elephant at 100 paces :mad:


Big, busty and Blowsy!
yes, I never seem to attract the really lush men! My weigh in is on a monday and I feel great so far this week. According to my scales I have lost another 3lb, but will see what the class ones say on Mon. night.
There was a bit of a row at work today, a bloke got ars*y because I asked him for some I.D. when he tried to buy some wine. He was shouting at me that he was old enough, but could not produce the I.D. that we ask for. Then he decided to play the "race card" and say that I refused to allow him the wine because he was black. This upset me as I never look at peoples colour, a person is a person to me, be they black, white, yellow, green or blue. So in the end I had to call a supervisor to calm the man down and get him out of the shop. It turns out the man was actually 23, but he was really young looking and in our shop you have to prove your age if you look under 21.
On a lighter note, my tramp was back today buying his whiskey, he proposed to me again and told me that I reminded him of a dog he once had! :cool:
am going now as I have to take my mad dog for a walk. He is sitting on my feet, licking between my toes, but after being on my feet for 8 hours today he's taking his life in his own hands!
Tip of the day:- mix together equal quantities of diet coke and tomato sauce for a quick BBQ marinade. Simply rub into meat for 2 hours before grilling.


Big, busty and Blowsy!
oops! tip should have said rub into meat and leave to marinade for 2 hours! I don't expect anyone to rub meat for 2 hours!!!
lol, your diary is entertaining, and i'll try the bbq sauce tip! x


Big, busty and Blowsy!
Well i'm back! Thank you all for your kind comments! Maybe when I get to my ideal weight I may put all my ramblings into a proper book and get it published!:D
I had the day off reporting yesterday as I waas struck down with a cold and sore throat, but am full off pills and potions today so feel a bit better:p.
Well I did warn you this would be a warts and all diary, and I have some baad news to report, I HAVE A BOIL!!!!!
It suddenly appeared in my left armpit and was extremely painfull. So I covered it with a flannel that was dipped in boiling water for 5 mins, then squeezed it. You must have seen on tv when someone pop a spot and the pus hit the mirror? Well that happened! But ooh the relief when all the pus was out! (sorry if you eating while reading!) If it comes back I shall go to Dr for anti-biotics. Well thats all the news I have for you at the mo, so will leave you with my tip of the day:- If you decide to squeeze a boil, cover it with a tissue first so the pus don't fly everywhere!


Big, busty and Blowsy!
1 stone down, 11 more to go!

I was travelling home from work today when I received a phone call from my sw class consultant, wanting to know if I would go a bit early to weigh in the other ladies, as the usual lady was away on holiday. Of course I said yes, and made sure I was 15 mins early to class so sue could go through proceedures with me. It was then time for me to be weighed but do you think the scales would stop bloody wobbling? No they wouldn't! I tried to weigh in 6 times to no avail, and in the end decided to be weighed at the end of class. I weighed in all the ladies, sat through the "team talk", watched the slimmer of the week and slimmer of the month awards given out, lost on the raffle, then after everyone else had gone, I finally weighed in! this time the scales decided to weigh me first time, and they told me I had lost 6.5lb this week! That makes a total weight loss of 1stone, 1.5lb in three weeks. I got a slimmer of the week award, slimmer of the month award, and the consultant is going to give me my 1stone sticker in class next week. Well I knew I had lost weight as I didn't eat much due to my cold over the weekend, but that was amazing! I know the losses will slow down but at the minute am too thrilled to care!
Tip of the day:- All things come to those who wait!


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Well, I have sad news to report today, there has been a death in the house :cry:The spider that lived just above the toilet has passed away. He/she was with us for two years and was quite happy scuttling about the bathroom. It enjoyed frightening us by popping out when we were answering the call of nature but it did earn it's keep by eating all the visiting flies and mosquitoes. We shall miss the little thing, and hope it's passing wasn't too bad considering the dog ate it. He did spit the spider out again, but it was to late to save it.
Tip of the day:- if you are making a syn-free quiche, a nice way to get a "pastry" is to beat together 2 eggs with a dash of water, then dip your HE b bread allowance into it. Put the bread into your dish (you may need to cut bread to fit), then cook for 10mins to dry the bread out. Fill with you choice of quiche mix and cook as normal. It helps if you use the bread where you are allowed 3 slices.
wow well done on the loss, keep the diary entries coming they're hilarious x


Big, busty and Blowsy!
Hello all, Its been a strange day so far, I went to work this morning as usual, (I work at Norwich train station) and saw my mother on a train. Nothing unusual about that, you may say, but she died last June. I haven't been thinking about her any more than usual, so why I saw her I don't know. It was definately her, she was wearing a coat I had bought for her, and she smiled and waved at me. I do believe in the after-life, I have seen a ghost before in my mum's house.
To tell the truth it really shook me up, and made me wonder if it meant something is going to happen.
Maybe i'm going to win the lotto tonight!
Thought of the day:- if there is an after-life, can we choose to come back to see our loved ones? And if we can will it just be the once?
Lol...sorry I cant feel any sympathy to a pet spider as I am absolutely petrified of the things and it wouldnt have lived for 2 years in my loo (actually..I wouldnt have gone in there for 2 years! Lol!!!)
I love reading your diary...very entertaining!
Keep it up Hun and well done on the loss!!! You are doing really well!
i see my nanna loads - she died last year. everytime i see her something good always happens within a few days. she is always wearing her best blue coat and always has just had her perm done!! if i'd seen her today i'd defo buy a lotto ticket!! xx


Big, busty and Blowsy!
Well if I win the lotto it will be with her numbers as I use them!
I saw a lady sitting on the loo in the middle of the night at mum's house. She told me not to worry, she was only my Aunt Betty, I went back to bed and in the morning asked mum who Aunt Betty was, and she died over 50 years ago! She was one of my dad's aunts, but why she had to appear to me sitting on the loo I don't know!!!

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