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Rotisserie chicken


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I often have a rotisserie chicken. I had no idea it should be syn'd. I just treated it as a roast chicken :(


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I've heard that they inject the chicken with fat! Sort of reverse liposuction!

Asda Plain Chicken Drumsticks, Rotisserie 100g

Original 3 Syns
Green 9½ Syns

Strange as I got told that so long as I remove the skin or syn the skin then it was free but I suppose it depends on what they use to make them so crispy and brown. I don't mind as it's my once a week treat as I love chicken and have some every Saturday but I can't eat a whole half.


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I don't buy ready made chicken but do make roast chicken at home, and taking the skin off is something I never do. It's the best part!
That is one thing I am naughty about, as I don't syn it either. I don't have it that often and I have never put on on the weeks that I've had it so I will continue! ;)
They pump them with fat, sugar and water :(

I'll make my own from now on!
Oh my gosh!!! I regularly by thighs, take the skin off etc for my lunch! Hey ho, can kiss that one goodbye now! x
I was told ones from Waitrose and M&S were ok as they were less likely to have crap added to them. I might ask at Waitrose today if they add anything to them when they roast them.
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Thank you for contacting us.

I have spoken to our Food Safety team who have confirmed that these chickens are not injected or basted with fats or oils before cooking.

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hi, i wanted to enquire about the rotisserie chickens that are cooked in store. are these basted/injected with any fats/oils before cooking? the reason i ask is that i am on a diet which allows me to eat un-limited quantities of lean meats or roast meats cooked without fat. there are so many forums online that discuss this matter but if you could clarify it would be a huge help. many thanks

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i just posted an email plus reply that i sent to morrisons as i wanted to be really sure lol! i live round the corner from a morrisons and it is so handy sometimes to buy a roast chicken from there. it took them a few weeks but they have eventually replied to my email! hope it helps, although obviously it only applies to morrisons
i don't know if my email actually posted... but basically morrisons confirmed they do not use any fats or oils to baste of "inject" their chickens with.
the syn values that have been found online dont mention anything about taking the skin off...so could the syns not be from skin?
i used to work at asda on the rotis counter and i know for a fact the chicken is not pumped with oil or even brushed with it before its cooked !!

its literally just put on the giant skewers and cooked and the fat usually drains off whilst cooking...

the flavoured pieces may have oils in the recipes and but plain chicken, either whole, thighs or drums do not have oil added before they are cooked in store

hope this helps :D x

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