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RTM is way scary


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I think I'm wobbling!!! Not that I'm eating anything I shouldn't... but I just think I've got the portion sizes wrong!!! I put a small amount on the plate and my mind says...that ain't ever gonna fill you up!! I haven't gone mental or anything, but the voices in my head just can't get round the fact that I'm smaller and need less to sustain my body!!! I don't want to eat big portions, even of the right food cos I know this will effect my chances of keeping the weight off!!! Gonna have to talk to my LLC and see if she's got a strategy!!! I haven't put weight on or anything but I am constipated as hell! I wish the voices would stop!! Make them go away!!!:eek: I also think that I want to try everything for the week! maybe things will improve when I have more choice and I realise that no one is gonna stop me eating! Oh it does my head in!!!
I know I'm not gonna fall off but it worries me a bit that if I can't get a hold on the portion control I may struggle alot more later!!! AAAHHHHH :(
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I had those same feelings Bex. But - I did cut my fish in half and thought, well - the other half will be there waiting if I realy am still hungry, and you know what - that little bit really was enough. So maybe next meal - make your plate as you have been. THen= really visually look at the portion. Typically, I believe what we want to aim for is less the 1/4 of the plate should be protein, the majority of the rest veg, a small portion for carbs which obviously does not apply to us yet. But make you plate - and then take some away, and have a go at half the portion. If you are still really hungry - its there, but not on your plate. Take a few extra minutes to see if you are full.

I also have started to usea smaller plate - visual trickery! :D

Have you heard of the "Diet Plate"? That might help you get to grips with what a normal serving should look like. I have considered getting one - they aren;t cheap but money well spent if it helps. So far I feel I have been OK with portions, but have not had a weigh in since my first week (+2) when I was so sick - so - looking forward to tomorrow to seee what the scales say....hopefully I am doing it right- but I really feel like we've been tossed into the world of food with out any discussion. So....its OK to make a mistake or two - thats what this period is all about. :)

Have a look on the net for the Diet Plate. I reckon that might really help.

Hang in there misses - it is a scary time - but you will get the hang of it. I know you are in this to finish. It will come. XXX


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Hi Bex

If you weigh your salad you will see you can eat a whole LOT. Now is the time to start weighing yourself everyday so you can see what the consequences of your food intake are.
As BL says have a small amount give it 20 minutes and chances are you will not be hungry.
I personally used to have sooooo much salad, like a whole plateful. I always lost at least 1lb a week for the first like 8 weeks. Its all goodness and as long as your eating salad not junk in my opinion its not a bad habit to get into! xxx relax :)
Good point

It could have been chicken nuggets !!
Hi everyone. Bex, I'm in the same boat...totally scared I'm over doing it but some very helpful advice here, as always!! Where are the weeks flying? Already we're nearing the end of week 2. Think week 3 is the best week actually!! :) Looking forward to a little more diversity! xxx


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Thanks all... guess I'm worried I'm gonna wake up and look in the mirror to find the old me starring back!! I had slightly less salad tonight and was fine with it. Scales are saying the right things so I'm gonna try and relax a little :)
Thank you guys... didn't realise how scared I'd be!!! My scales have been steady this week but tonight they've gone up!!! I'm putting it down to constipation cos I've done fine... weigh in tomorrow! Let's hope nature takes it course before then lol (I know...too much information!!):D
lol @ Kaalin!! I was so tired today as I had to get up about 5 times in the night (think i may have been retaining water!!!) so didn't weigh in at class but my scales (normally read around the same as my class ones) is saying I didn't lose or gain... and I still struggling to 'go'!!! That weight stay is fine with me :) I'm going to bed soon, been such an emotional few days that I've completely run out of energy!! Loving the fruit though!!
Glad you're enjoying the fruit. Think I'm over-doing it again. Will be a relief tomorrow one way or another just to know if I'm right or wrong. My exercise levels have decreased this week, mainly due to the weather. Think I need to get into gear and have some sort of back up plan in place. Do you not have to weigh at RTM class?

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