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Rubbish Day!


In the 10s at last!
DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eat that is:D


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Well I hope you can resistI found yesterday hard -depression kicked in big time and all I did was eat

BUT with weight watchers you are in control and can point everything

if you start thinking negative thoughts see if you can turn them into positives
like if you eat something and wished you hadnt
dont thing I wish I hadnt eaten that think more like
tomorrow if I have the opportunity I will think carefully and point that (sweet/chocolate/biscuit)
remember get in the habit of writing things down before you eat them that way you will be able to work in the treats you want :)


in the zone!
aaww thanks!! It's amazing how one person can throw you that much and put you right off track! I try to write down everything as much as I can, it's quite hard when you're eating out but I def try my hardest. This is the first time I've had the thought that I could just eat but I'm going to resist as much as poss!!
DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! think of all the hard work youve put in!!

when i feel depressed i eat a whole tub of houmous and carrott sticks lol, that helps me, find something that has only a few points but that you really love and whenever you feel low have that, i always have houmous in my fridge! cant get enough of the stuff! xx


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Hey Bear that's great to hear that you are resisting temptation, esp when things aren't too good. Take it from a person who gave in too easily.. I found that once I gave into it, my habits came back and it has been such a struggle to start fresh. Unfortunately once you get into the cycle of "Im putting on weight, I hate the way I look, so I will eat more" its so difficult to get back on track. But congrats on coming onto the forum and been honest.. its that which will get you through!
Sorry you are feeling down ((((HUGS)))). I think you should sit and nibble on a huge cucumber, seriously thats what I do, it is surprising how filling they are. It also doubles up as a good tool to knock someones block off when they are annoying you. I also love raw carrots. Have you tried the new WW nacho chees tortillas? They are only 1 point per bag and dipped in salsa that is a pretty tasty low point snack. Mmm Mmm


in the zone!
Lumpyroo thank you for the advice, I have given up so many times and I really don't want to give up this time!! I didn't know whether I was being silly coming on and posting my comment then I realised how nice it is just to have somewhere to write how you feel and nobody judges you and everybody understands.

Shelle Belle I have to say I have never thought of using a cucumber that way but I will certainly consider it if things do not improve next week!! LOL!! I'm not giving her the satisfaction of knocking me off the wagon!! Now that you mention them I have some of the cheese Nachos in the cupboard, I love them dipped into some sweet chilli sauce so maybe I'll treat myself to those.

Thanks everyone, you've really perked me up!! :)
i think you need 20 or 25 posts before you can put up a photo, but then go into user cp ( at the top of the page )and go to edit avatar, seem to remeber it tells you what to do from there
welcome to the boards, and congrats on your weightloss so far - you are doing really well :D

i totally agree on the nibbling things - carrots / cucumber + low fat dip (i have low fat cottage cheese or philadelphia light to dip mine in :)) - they are really useful - either that, or make a big pan of 0 point soup or a big bowl of salad - if you look in Fuzzyzella's diary she does a really nice butternut squash and red pepper soup :)


Wants it Gone!
I love the Butternut Squash Soup, hadnt had it in a while and made it today for lunch and I went...
I use a whole butternut squash, one pepper, red onion, garlic (love garlic so I put loads in!), boiling water and vegetable stock... yum yum yum!


Hiya Chucks!!
Hiya how strange ive just made a large pan of the "said" soup earlier on..
Hmm try the honey roast swede one that is defo my fave at the mo...x

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