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Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish!!

Hey peoples!
I haven't posted in a bit, had an absolutely awful week an a half!! Not stuck to diet, ate what I want.. Done rubbish! Clearly this is my own fault! And now I'm proper punishing myself!! Tomorrow is a new start! Planned all my meals for the week.. Love this 'diet' and no idea why I strayed!! Going back to the gym and spin class too! (love it when I'm there no idea why I haven't been going!) just need that motivation back!!! Any advice or comments would b greatly received!! Soz for rambling!! Lol
 HoneyBlossom xxxxx
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Fighting the bulge
My first bit of advice would be - dont start from tomorrow, start from now!

Well done for drawing a line under it, you've got back on track before things got worse, which is very hard to do. Stop beating yourself up about it, these things happen, even if you had a gain if you get properly back on track it will come back of in no time!

Its impossible to be 100%, 100% of the time



Silver Member
well done for getting back on the horse! that's the best thing to do :)

do you have any idea why you went off plan? anything happen? sometimes it helps to identify what sends us off so we can be prepared for next time!
Hi Pesty, thanks.. I am going to start now ur right! Just got all
my ingredients out to make a
nice spaghetti bol 2nite!
Hi WoodsyLou, thx for the reply.. I was Ill for about 5 days and not eating, then when I started to eat I just ate what I fancied and think it just kinda
snowballed!! Not good!! I will know for next time! X


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oh i'm essex too, Harlow, where are you two?


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why howdie neighbour! ;)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi there and well done for pulling up your socks and getting on with things! Its never easy to get back into it after falling off plan, but planning and perserverence will get you there Hun.



Strutting her stuff
I agree, start now otherwise you are giving yourself silent permission to eat whatever you fancy tonight in anticipation of starting again tomorrow.

You definitely also need to think about what caused you to go off the rails and plan now for what you are going to do if those circumstances come up again. Then you will be armed and ready to cope with them rather than falling back into bad habits.

Good luck!
hi, i too have had a crap week, it all started on sunday! althou i went to gym sun morning i had always promised myself my easter egg, well then we went to the pub and i had a packet of crisps (i dont even like crisps much) and then we went to mother in laws where i had a starter= prawn cocktail main= full synfull roast dinner, dessert= pavalova AND a slice of sponge cake, then someone bought me chocolates and i ate the whole top tier,
On monday i attended a cocktail night which of course included numerous drinks and plentyfull nibbles,
i got back on track yesterday BUT then late last night i realised i hadnt eaten the whole of my easter egg so i decided to finish it there and then.
today has been better but i did brake a bit of my daughters egg off and nibbled on that... and thats when i realised i had to get controll of this, i imediatly got on this site to get some motivation back!
im going to gym tonight and im going to work sooo hard
thursday is weigh in and im not looking forward to it, i havnt put anything on since i started and i know ill be devestated if i do this week (but i know i only have myself to blame)
this is it now im back to losing weight self!!
Trust me if i can do it .... so can you


Never gets tired of SW!
Starting from NOW is the best advice!! I think that it's also a good idea to read through all your SW literature, not that you don't know it, but just to recap so it all feels fresh again! We can all slip into bad habits! Then committ yourself to 2 days when you're 100% on plan! You'll feel so proud of yourself and will be back into the swing of things you'll want to carry on again!! Glad you're getting your Mojo back!!X


Wishing and hoping!
well done for getting back on track, we all have wobbles so your not alone :) It's the mistakes thatare the biggest lessons that I have found whilst doing SW. If you do struggle as well flex syns make a big difference in gaining bck control!
Thanks guys, i really appriciate the support that i get on this and sw site, i live in a very small town and everyone has noticed my weight loss and paying me lovely compliments, i dont want that to stop!
im sooo determined to get to my goal and stay that way!
Yeah thanks everyone! Fab advice as always!!! Oh and pesty and woodsylou I'm from Colchester


Fighting the bulge
Yeah thanks everyone! Fab advice as always!!! Oh and pesty and woodsylou I'm from Colchester

You're very close to me then! I was there a few weeks ago at Frankie and Bennys - my best mate went to Uni there and now lives that way xx

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