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Rubbish weight loss?

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by soon2bslimxx, 9 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. soon2bslimxx

    soon2bslimxx Full Member

    Hi :) I was just curious to see if anyone else had a rubbish weight loss in their first week and struggled to get into ketosis?

    This is day 7 for me, and apart from a minor hiccup (a slight amount of grated cheese) I have stuck to plan!

    I have lost a measly 5 pounds, if that at all. Due to last week weighing in on the evening and the 5 pounds is going off my morning weight. Last night i was 4 pounds heavier than this morning so that would have meant a 1 pound loss!

    Anyway after buying some ketostix I discovered I am NOT in ketosis :-/

    I have tweaked my plan to trial for a week, having no bars, no skimmed milk, no coke zero and only 1 meal pack and 3 shakes.

    Has anyone else not really lost much?! If anything?!
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  3. dropandgimme85

    dropandgimme85 @dropandgimme85

    What is your starting weight?
  4. soon2bslimxx

    soon2bslimxx Full Member

    14 stones 4.... I'm 5ft 6 so want to get down to 9 stone 7. I would understand if I only had a stone to lose :-/
  5. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Gold Member

    In the past I've had a rubbish starting weight but this time not so shabby!

    I lost 2lbs in my first week 2 years ago but then lost 13 in my second week so I wouldn't worry! I wasn't in ketosis either! The only thing I could put it down too was I wasn't drinking enough which is always my problem I get sick if peeing all the time ha! I know it's annoying especially when you see others losing loads but stick with it it will happen I bet you do what I did and have a whopping loss next we :) im a similar weight and want to get down to 10.7 Ish for may so will find your diary and try help to keep you going :)
  6. dropandgimme85

    dropandgimme85 @dropandgimme85

    Alrighty, I understand your frustration but hopefully you lose more next week. 5lbs is a good loss though but I understand most lose more than that. Also, be sure to drink your water. Good luck. :)
  7. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    I haven't started this diet yet but if it is anything like Cambridge then some of the meals and bars have more carbs in then just the shakes. I try and avoid these types of things for the first 2 weeks as recommended by my Cambridge consultant. Though like I said, I only have Cambridge experience at the moment.
  8. emilyj

    emilyj Full Member

    I lost 7.5lbs this week (my first week) and I feel the same as you, just feel a bit pants, I am wondering if I shout up my water? will just have to see what week two gets rid of.x
  9. sliminside

    sliminside Focused on the Goal

    UUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM HELLOOOOOOO 5LBS!!!!!! in 1 WEEK!!!!!!! that is bloody fantastic if you ask me, what diet do you know where you can lose 5lb in one week?? do not see it as a bad thing, every pound you lose adds up...keep going and don't be discourage....try and up your water and stick with it x
  10. soon2bslimxx

    soon2bslimxx Full Member

    Yeh see what you mean... But my start weight was an evening weight and the 5 pounds was going off a morning weight and I usually weigh 4 pounds heavier on an evening which would be a 1 pound loss... I'm Going to stick with it, next week will be MY WEEK :) x x

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