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Rude Awakening

This morning I weighed myself and realised I am the heaviest I have ever been. I am only 5ft tall and weigh 15:11. I cried and cried, literally sitting on the floor sobbing my heart out.
I am the original failed dieter - in the last 3 months alone I have tried CD twice and WW yet here i am heavier than ever. My OH told me the other day that he is worried I will have a heart attack and used the word grotesque to describe me the other day, at the time i thought he was being unbelievably cruel, but now i realise he was trying to shock me into doing something. Well nothing shocked me as much as those scales this morning.
I have decided to give CD one last go as its the only diet that will give me the instant results i so desperately need but i know i am going to need lots of support which is why I am on here today. Please help!!
Am going to start tomorrow with the left over CD stuff i have from last time and have contacted a new CD cousellor, just waiting for an appointment now. My last CD counsellor wasnt particularly supportive and i think probably contributed in my giving up so easily the previous 2 times.
This time I have no option other than to succeed.
My initial goals are
1: Lose a stone
2: Get to 14:4 (the weight I was when i met OH)
3: back in the 13's

There, that will do me for now!
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Good luck sweetie, you CAN do this! Take one day at a time. Sometimes it takes a couple of goes before you get into "the zone" with cambridge. Good luck Vx


is going to loose!
Hi Joanne

You sound very determined now and sometimes this is what you need to get the ball rolling. A supportive CDC is what you need when you are feeling a little dire about the weight. Perhaps start on a higher plan and work down as even though you will be on a higher plan the cals will be less than what you are consuming now an dof course you will be getting all the daily vits with 2 CD products (perhaps take a multi too on the higher plan) Do this for a couple of weeks just to get in the routine of the program and then SS+ and then SS. This way you will be seeing loss's and will be motivated.

Also if on occassion you suffer with the 3 CD products on SS have an extra (shake) for the day.

Remember how you feel now and that's what will keep you focused!

Good luck and let us know how you get on darl. You sound like a strong soul, you can do this darling.

You've made the decision now as Vicky said, take it one day at the time. When you first start it is a good idea to take your measurements as well and if you can keep away from the scales for the first week, drink all your water, and maybe split the shakes into two portions and have them at more intervals during the day. I wish you all the best. Keep looking on here and there will always be help for you if you need it. Most importantly do it for you.
Oh hun, I feel for you, I really do but I know you can do this. It has been one of the hardest things I have done but try to stay positive and think of the reasons why you are doing it. Perhaps write a list of all the reasons why you want to lose weight. Take some pictures of what you look like now and think of what you want to change. Write down your feelings...
I did this and it has helped. When I am feeling like I dont have the strength to carry on - I go back to remind myself why I am doing it and know that I dont want to feel like that again..
Give yourself some goals - what will you do when you get to your goal weight - something to look forward to?
I got my CD appointment on Wednesday. I sent a very tearful text to my OH this morning after i had had the shock weigh in and although he has been skeptical about CD in the past he offered to pay for me to do it this time and has promised his total support. I take back anything horrible i have said about him, at least the horrible bits he didnt deserve!!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
hi joanne,hope you are feeling better now,I notice you are in kent,are you anywhere near dover as there is a fantastic cambridge diet centre there.I know kents a big place but thought i would ask just in case
((((hugs)))) for you,and dont worry hunny we are all here for you,you can do it
The thing to remember is that you have to be doing this for YOU, not because someone else is trying to scare you into it. If you aren't losing weight for yourself, then you won't be able to stick to the plan long-term.
Hi Andju,

I am right the other end of Kent in Gravesend! Typical!! I was looking at your ticker you have done soooooo well - I keep telling myself I can be strong like all the other fabulous people on here!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well done on giving yourself a kick up the butt!! ;)

Im not sure I agree on your OH's words, but if that and the scales has given you incentive to lose weight then hold onto that thought. CD Does work as you've seen here.. we've just gotta work at keeping our head in check.

Look forward to celebrating your losses :)
Hi there, I am re-starting too, we can encourage one another.. CD works, it's just up to us to stick to it. xx


Team 1 all the way!
Good luck- you'll do well I'm sure. Keep coming here when you need a kick up the bum! We'll keep you going!xx


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi Andju,

I am right the other end of Kent in Gravesend! Typical!! I was looking at your ticker you have done soooooo well - I keep telling myself I can be strong like all the other fabulous people on here!
Oh thats a shame,never mind,It was worth asking.You will do really well love,you just need the support and now you've been on here you know everyones here for you,it really does make a difference,looking forward to seeing you get off to a flying start


Stubborn tortoise
You can do it Joanne, and we're all behind you... there's so much support here. I think having a supportive CDC is really key, so think about checking out others in your area... or find the support on minis, as I do. Once you are in the SS zone -which can take a couple of weeks - you'll feel safe and settled and strong. It's just getting there that is the tricky bit, but you can do it. Hugs.
Thanks again to everyone foe their lovely supportive comments.
I have discovered today that the body is a strange thing. After the shock of yesterday weighing in on my scales at 15:11 i spent all day being upset but determined to start CD asap. I found some left over packs and today is my first day. I thought i would weigh myself again today, for the motivation and I now weigh 15:6!!! I lost 5lb overnight just thinking about CD - obviously this is a seriously good diet if you lose weight just thinking about it lol!


Stubborn tortoise
Gonna get thinking RIGHT NOW!!!!! Obviously the gods are on your side honey, good luck for your first day!
Had a good first day, just had 2 tetra choc packs, they are my fave and wish they were bigger! had plenty of water and even managed to do some aerobics today as well. Easy when you are not in work, but am back there tomorrow. oops OH wants the computer, will update more later
Hi Joanne,

You can do this but do it for yourself not anyone else.

A couple of tips which may help you along the way (you prob done all these already tho but just in case you haven't) :

* Join one of the teams on here. You can give your weight loss in each week and the team can help keep you motivated *

* Start writing a blog. Add anything, emotions, when your hungry, why your hungry, ANYTHING. It will help you along the way and be a great read to look back at when you are at your goal weigh*

* Find a photo of youself you hate and looking your worse and one when you were lighter. Pin both somewhere (kitchen / fridge ideal) for a moral boost or a deterrent.

By the way i am just over the water / tunnel from you!

Take care

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