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RUDE people!!!


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Morning All,

I went for a walk on the beach this morning with the dogs as I am dog sitting, my friends dog wouldn't harm a fly so generally I dont have her on the lead and the only other people around are other dog walkers.

This morning there was a man who we crossed one way and then again on the way back, he was English but clearly didn't realise I was.....my dog was sniffing around his dog, both were wagging their tails and not been agressive, anyway I called my dog, in Turkish as my friend always speaks to them in Turkish and carried on walking...next thing he has picked sticks up launching them at me and my dog and saying "f**k off you f**king freaks".....I was actually so shocked that I just walked off upset, normally I would give as good as I got in either language but there was absolutely no provocation for his attack.

Its actually put me off walking on the beach tomorrow morning...

I just cant understand how someone can be so rude without due cause??

Claire x
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What a rude, horrible man:mad:. Not only is he giving dog owners a bad rep but he's also being incredibly rude to a person who, for all he knew, was native to the country he was in! I don't know how you managed to hold your tongue. I personally would have given him what for without stooping low enough to use the language he was. What shocking behaviour!!!


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Clearly loose from the nut house. Give the guy no more of your time and think of better things like the dog pooing on his shoes or something :p
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hun u have probably irrated him cause he thinks u can't understand him which is his problem hun not yours if he had a few more brain cells he would relise u do but not rising to the bate is often best cause hes like a toddler having a temper tandrum and we ignore toddlers when they do that.
don't let him stop u going hun cause that way he has won


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S: 124.5kg C: 120.2kg G: 80kg BMI: 37.5 Loss: 4.3kg(3.46%)
Ah thanks girls....I honestly was so shocked that anyone could be so rude that I actually didnt know what to say to him!!! and believe me I am very rarely lost for words!!

I just spoke to my friend who I am dog sitting for and described the man and what he said, she said that he has never been abusive verbally but gets very funny if any dog goes near his and is always shooing them away! She said she either goes onto the prom when she sees him or puts her dog on the lead.

He really wants to get a life, the stupid man could have a nice chat while the dogs play and everything would be ok instead he chooses to isolate himself.

Well tomorrow I am going to the beach and will be prepared for him...all though I may kill him with kindness and be very bright and cheery....he will hate that no doubt!

God some expats really get on my t*ts!!

Claire xx
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bonkuk know exactly what u mean. I wonder sometimes why they live here at all!!!
Set you dog on him next time hehehe
good luck next beach walk xx

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