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Ruined Bank Holiday - All sorted now


One Last Time.......
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So we were supposed to be visiting friends but DS (9) was out playing and a boy stole his bike :( DS called me in tears but had called the police first.... I am so impressed with the police they arrived within mins and hubby went to son in the car as it had started to pee down!!!!!

well DH and son and sons friends father went driving around looking for the bike and police did the same after taking statement.... DS spotted the boys approx 3 miles away with the bike :) , DH got out the car whilst Friends father called police to say found them, DS called me over joyed that they had found it (it was a xmas pressie from nanny & granddad) i said to press charges or they won't learn that it is wrong what they done!! They are now accusing my DH of assault!!!!! If my DH was any more laid back he would be horizontal!!!!!

Im so angry, since when did standing in front of a lad with hands behind back count as assualt!!!!

I feel awful for telling DH to press charges.................... and now turns out the boy is local to us and friends with the local trouble maker!

sorry to rant and rave but i am so cross!!!!
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Am So Glad You Got It Back,i Would Press Charges,definately . I Had My Bike And Space Hopper ( I Know ) Nicked When I Was About Ten And I Still Get Annoyed That I Know Who Did It But Nothing Was Ever Done, Thieves Need To Be Punished. I Find Spreading The Word About People A Very Effective Punishment


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Oh rache,
What a bloomin cheek, am really impressed with DS, fancy thinking to call the Police, what a star :D

Glad to hear hubby managed to get the bike back, good for him.. try not to worry, sure the Police will sort it out...

try and enjoy the rest of your bankholiday



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Omg kids these days are not scared of anything.....! I used to be scared to back chat anyone let alone a policeman.....! The kids have it too soft and can get away with too much.


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Things like this are very distressing. I hope your feeling okay now.

Also very impressed with your local police.

Good news that your son got his bike back.

Love Mini xxx


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Sorry to hear of your troubles. So glad son had the sense to get in touch with the police and pleased bike was found. So annoying about accusing husband though. Kids nowadays know exactly what to say. Hope nothing happens about husband and the thieves are punished.
Irene xx


One Last Time.......
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thanks all........... i've calmed down a bit now, ruined our lunch plans with friends as still sat here waiting for police as they said they will come and interview DS and a different team DH once taken the lad home to his parents! gonna give it another hour then go over to friends the police can call us and we are only 10 mins away......


One Last Time.......
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Just had a call from the polcie no assult charges being made........ i am so relieved just sat here and cried... now going over friends to try and salvage rest of day.....


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Oh raudi, this country is so sick at times. I mean if you are burgled in your own home and attack the burglar in self defence you end up being in trouble! :mad: Argh, I get so mad at times.

I am so pleased that your son got his bike back, but I do wonder about the way our country has lost its back bone and the innocent victims end up being the criminals.


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oh my god! i bet you were so worried but you were right to press charges, these kids need to learn the consequences of their thieving actions :eek:

they've got a bleedin nerve though trying to squirm there way out of it by accusing your hubby. looks like the police saw through them though :)

good for your son to phone the police and im glad it all worked out in the end :D


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Oh hun I've only just seen this!! So sorry that you had such a bad bank holiday, although glad it's sorted out now!

I agree with what other people have said - some kids don't seem to be scared of anything anymore and seem lie and cheat to get their way out of trouble! :mad:

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