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Rumbling tummy woes!

i`m sure someone will be along to tell you why this happens,
but i get days like this, just get through it and tomorrow will be fine again.
i split my packs into half, so get 6 drinks a day, helps with the bad days

good luck, hope it calms down for you


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi,I had a week or so where I was permanantley hungry,I kept drinking and drinking in the hope it would fill me up,my stomach was rumbling like a good un,my cdc said the rumbling is a sign of a healthy gut,we never came up with an explanation though!Dont know if you have had chewing gum that does it with me about 2 hrs after ive chewed it.some people say the bars can make you hungry,I dont get that,just to let you know though youre not alone,sometimes I get hungry for no reason atall!
when my tummy rumbles i tend to get a coffee as water does not settle it good luck for rest of week and well done x
Some days are just worse than others. I find that a hot drink stops the rumbling and takes the edge of my hunger more than cold water. Taking a hot bath or playing a game in the arcade helps takes my mind off it. You just gotta find what works for you.


sisters of slim
my tummy has rumbled all week.not hungry though,just throw water down to it and ignore the noise lol.......
i know what you mean. the first 3 weeks i had virtually no hunger at all. now though i have odd days where i am really peckish. its gonna be even worse next week as its TOM and i usually eat more on these weeks. wish me luck!

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