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Running Question???


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Does anyone know if im running on the treadmill if its measured in KMS or Miles ? ive persumed its kms here (as thats what we use when driving in Ireland) but when im trying to imput onto mfp and it only measures in miles so maybe it is miles (having a blonde moment!!)

Anyone any answers ?
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It should say somewhere on the treadmill Lou.......depends upon how old it is. What speed are you running at? A reasonable pace depending upon your age and fitness would be about 10-11 minute miles. I used to be able to do 8 mins but that was a long, long time ago.....and could only manage 2 or 3 at that pace:D


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I'll double check with the instructor 2m but i couldn't see it written anywhere when i was looking but judging by what u've said i think its def KMS im jogging at 7.5 and it takes me 8mins to do 1 k (well i think its k)

ps, im 25!
Lou, if you're only 25 and pretty fit you could quite easily run 8 min miles, especially if you're only running a couple....on the other hand if you're just starting out then it's most likely kms:D


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I think its most definitely kms!! but i shall find out tomorrow morning from the gym instructors!


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If you're just jogging at 7.5 it's probably kms. I jog at 7.2 kph


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Yup, most tredmills are done in km's but your gym should have a conversion chart somewhere so you can see what mileage that is.

7.5km is equal to 4.66miles

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