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Ryanair considers 'fat tax' for obese air passengers


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jeez what will they come up with next?!!
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It does say if they need the space of 2 seats...which makes sense really. Should only be a small percentage of people I would imagine.

They're really strict with baggage allowance as well...DH got charged £30 a couple of months ago by them for 3kg extra baggage!


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gosh, this is sad. I totally understand how uncomfortable it must be having someone you don't know kinda pressed against you when you are flying but i bet its nothing compared to how the heavy person is feeling. I have flown when i was really obese and it was far from a nice experience. I argued with OH and forced him to let me sit at the window (cos there was a bit extra room). Once i had to sit by a total stranger and that was horrific, i was mortified cos she had a baby too (on her lap) i vowed never to do it again and thankfully i these days things like that don't bother me.

My heart goes out to obese flyers, i totally remember the fear and panic about whether the seat or belt will be ok. I really hope this doesn't put people off going on holiday but i have to say it would have made me think twice.

Sad. I really think fatism is the last taboo. Lets start the revolution!

Oli x x
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I fly fairly often as my parents live away for most of the year.

I have flown at a top weight of 24 st and have never had any difficulties. I do always book specific seats and sit next to my small daughter and only have the armrest down for take off and landing. I usually have to ask for a seat belt extension but the cabin crew have always been great about it. I always sit towards the back of the plane, the extra seat belts are always at the back.

I know from my experiences BA is the best with obese flyers, they also have the best sized seats. Thomsonfly also have a great seat pitch, width and never need a extra seat belt as they are long.

Thomas Cook are smaller seats and belts and I am flying with them in a fortnight so will report back.So cheap I couldnt resist ticket!I have lost weight though but I know it will still be a squeeze!

I have never flown Ryan air and it sounds like I never will!!!


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I flew from Singapore to KL in Malaysia once and couldn't get the belt to fit, and that's with and extender for pregnant women, I had to suck my breath in so hard just to get it to fit. That was a nightmare journey.


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ahh good ole ryanair...what next will he be trying to charge us for :rolleyes:
Breathing? :rolleyes:

I detest ryanair.
I've flown a lot over the past few years with various airlines and I swear that ryanair have the smallest seats and the smallest seatbelts.
This scheme is horribly degrading to bigger people and I won't be flying with ryanair if they do bring this in.


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They were talking on the news this morning that 15 Stone is going to be their obesity marker, so they'll be weighing the passengers as well as the baggage it seems.
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15 stone - what a joke. If you're a 6 ft bloke 15 stone is barely overweight - BMI of 28.4.

What planet do they live on?

They are a crap airline for many reasons this is just the icing on the cake.

Surely with getting on for 50% of the UK population overweight they are risking alienating a significant proportion of their customers.

Carol x


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Well, he was thinking about charging for a trip to the toilet.
They said on BBC Breakfast that they're thinking of 15 stone for women and 20 stone for men!


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Ah I must have missed that bit, all I heard was 15. Now I'm not a very PC person believe it or not ;) but isn't that discriminatory?


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That means two-thirds did not vote for it - which is a rather large statistic. Plus to make a competition out of it - just kind of seems dumb to me.

I think Ryanair, who were once rather good, are totally losing the plot these days. They are not a patch on First Choice or BMI Baby.
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I was watching a debate on this yesterday (Loose Women anyone?) and one of the women argued that as a slim person she has to pay extortionate excess baggage costs if she goes just a couple of kgs over her allowance, but a (say) 20 stone man who travels within the baggage allowance doesn't have to pay any extra at all.

The airlines argue that carrying extra baggage relates to extra costs in terms of fuel which is why they charge for it so I guess Ryanair is just following the same principle by suggesting heavier passengers pay extra too.

When I was 8 stone heavier I remember some VERY uncomfortable flights wedged into too small seats but, of course, was never asked to pay extra because of my weight. So now I'm over 40 kgs lighter what's the chance of me arguing I should be able to take 5 kgs of extra baggage without charge as I'm effectively saving them money?

Hmmm .. thought not :rolleyes:
IF, IF they bring this in, then passengers can choose to vote with their feet. Simple. Ryanair will either sink or swim; no big deal as far as I'm concerned.


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what if the pilot's overweight? does he have to do anything extra? (i know i'm picking at flies now but wellll)

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