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Ryvita...help!! (hungry haha!!)


I forgot to take lunch to work today so im having to make do with what is in the cupboard.

I have ryvita wholegrain crispbreads. I havent had my HE (B) today...do these count as your heb? If so..how many am i allowed?

And i also have low fat cheese triangles...how many of these can i have if i count them as my HE (A)??

Thanks!! xxx
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You can have 4 of the original/dark rye/sesame ones as a HEB. Or 3 of the Multigrain/Seeds & Oats. or 2 of the Fruit Crunch.

Cheese wise as your HEA - 3 Dairylea triangles (normal ones). 5 Laughing Cow Light or 6 Laughing Cow extra light. Loads others so just let me which ones you've got and I'll check.

If they ate the crackerbread wholegrain ones yes - you can have 6. Have never seen them on the supermarket - was beginning to doubt they exist!
Hmm confused as to what ones i have now!!!

They are in a green packet and it says "ryvita multi grain: Wholegrain Crispbread topped with toasted seeds and grains".

Ive had 3 already...dont want to have more if they will be synned!!! :cry:

And the cheese is the asda light triangles :)

Thanks!!! xxx
Umm - can't see the Asda Light Cheese triangle on the list of HEA but Tesco, and Sainsbury are both on there. There are enough people on here who tweak slightly so I wouldn't worry too much. Just stick to 4 which seems to be the amount you can eat of the other ones.

On the Rytvita. I think 3 is your limit I'm afraid but as a guide, as long as you eat less tha 140 cals worth you should be fine to not syn (2 Aplen Lights are approx 140 cals and they are HEB)


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If you just try scrolling down the screen a little, you will see there are already a couple of topics on Ryvitas. On one of them (Ryvita Crackerbread-Yellow Box) someone has posted pictures of the boxes that show the different types.

From your description it sounds like you have the crisp breads which are 3 for a HEX. Its the cracker breads which are 6.

Its all explained in earlier threads, a quick scroll or search will get you the relevant threads.

Not sure on the ASDA cheese triangles - I'd be tempted to treat them the same as a dairylea or laughing cow light (not extra light) I cant imagine there will be a huge difference in the nutrional make up.
Thanks everyone :)

I think i will stick to the 3 ive already had, and will just have a banana and my yoghurt and that will definatly keep me going till tea time. :)xx

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