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S**T just got sick!!!!!!! contains food sorry


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OMG that was a really bad morning, I have fallen really hard after getting back on this bloody diet!!!! I just lost it started of with two egg white, can of tuna and a small bit of cheese and dry fried, not to bad I hear you say well that was followed by a large slice of choc cake and then a bar of choc and half bag of hola hoops, it was a full on binge and I dont know where it came from i cant see why I did it!!! I felt sssooooo sick from all that sugar that in the end I made my self sick!!! not because of the thought of gaining weight but because I really think I was going to be sick anyway. God why cant I just get back on it and sort myself out? Im sure its because I go to france for the week tomo and its making it like a total break in my head.:cry:
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If your having a break from the diet whilst on holiday, then make sure you're expecting a gain.

I'm on holiday in two weeks and I'm expecting up to half a stone gain, so hopefully there won't be a shock there. If it's expected, it's easier to deal with.

Having fallen off the exante-wagon in my 2nd and 3rd week I can sympathise with you.

Go and enjoy your holiday, expect a gain and come back ready to get back into it. You'll probably find you'll be even more determined than you were before :)
I have just returned from holiday where I wasn't careful about what I ate at all and had told myself to expect a half stone increase when I got back - but have found that I didn't put on any at all ? well pleased but finding it tough going to get back into ketosis now
well done.. i am back on it after being on a break from the diet. I crave foods all the time and I had a few weeks eating whatever I wanted. It didn't feel great at all. It does feel great to have clothes hanging off me or being able to get into a size smaller, or to have the energy I get when I am on this diet. I know I will fall again, but I also know I will get back up again!

Good luck..
Hi, well we can't be perfect all the time. Just look at how far you've come!! I too am going away next week, I was expecting a stone gain over the 2 1/2 weeks I'm away, but hopefully still less than than when I started. So enjoy your break and keep your chin up x

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