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Sabotage or lack of willpower?


Is so doing it this time
Hi everyone
I'm really feeling sorry for myself as I've had a disastrous week.... firstly my pc crashed and cos my DH has been abroad on business all week I've had to wait for him to get back and then he had to rebuild it (I've really missed this place you realise how addicted you are to it when you cant get on it!).

BUT when he was away I did really well :D .... weight wise.... he got back on Friday night and I had a SW meal planned but he wanted to have crispy duck! I say but but but... he say he was looking forward to catching up on Desperate Housewives while we had a take away..... I say that I'm the desperate housewife trying to release my inner domestic goddess but then I feel guilty.... I give in. But I try 2b go and have chow mein. Then he starts on ice cream... but I really fancy some he says, I still try and be good but in the end he has seconds and I end up doing the same :( If I say anything he always say stuff like well I thought it was ok for you to have it! Since my darling husband has been back I cant get back on track and have eaten all manner of rubbish :break_diet: Its prob my own fault but my get up and go has got up and gone! I feel very disloyal saying this and he is supportive on the surface but when I look deeper I wonder if he realises how hard it is for me. I have talked to him about it today but then I have spoken about the same thing countless times in the past and at the end of the date I'm still fat :wave_cry:

Really hoping someone has some words of wisdom :sigh:
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Gone fishing
I don't think it's lack of willpower, or sabotage.

Maybe you're now sure what you really want and why you want it? Once you know that, dealing with DH might seem less of a problem :hug99:
I find it hard with hubb too. Hes never been overweight and he really doesn't understand the whole "diet" thing. Try not to be too down on yourself. Bump in the road(or volcanic eruption!) I know how bad it feels when things go a bit pear shaped. To be cliched...you just need to get back on the old horse. Not always an easy task I know. I try to stay focused on what I want to acheive. The old fav of piccies on the fridge kinda helps me too. I dont think you're sabotaging anything, you're just being human.


Personal Trainer
my DH is a feeder too :giggle:

you know what hun, when he starts...its just best to have a little of what he is having ....a little of the time...and be good the rest of the time :happy036:

i always try and count the extra calories i eat and make sure i burn them off exercising :character00115:


Is so doing it this time
my DH is a feeder too :giggle:
You know I never thought of him like that before! :eek: But you're right come to think of it, its always him that wants to :airquote: treat me to some Hagen Daz!

Anyway feeling positive and back on track.... long may it last :rolleyes: Even though I wasn't going to I had a little weigh in and have put on a pound :eek: but it could have been worse.

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