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xx Cathy xx

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I wish I knew, I think its jealousy and fear of you changing.... once we've lost all our weight we wont be "the fat friend" anymore and I think some people don't like it. I started doing it with a friend who only lasted 4 days, when her bf saw I wasn't giving up he would talk about going out for meals and ordering a takeaway while they were at ours. Keep at it though, soon they'll be full of encouragement when they see how you're changing. My friends are now but they still call it the hell diet lol


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I think Cathy nailed it,my sister has always been slim and when I lost 3 1/2 st 12 years ago,she kept saying I was too thin at 10st (which I wasnt) and the other day she said that I shouldnt go down to that again,I apparently didnt look well.Well,thats mid-way of my healthy BMI range and thats my ultimate goal so I think although she wants the best for me,she does feel threatened in some way,weird,isnt it?!


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Its deffinatley the case Shamrock, when I told my Syster I'd lost half a stone, she said, " You *****!":eek:
lol, its only because I think she tries to be in some sort of competition with me, lord knows why. When she finally got out of me what diet I was on (I said the milkshake one ;)) She went straight out and bought Slim Fast from a superstore!! lol I ask ya!:doh:
Your friends are just jealous because you are showing more will power than they have probably got all rolled together. Times like that should make you more determined to do this, you show em what you are made of hunny :sign0151: ... I bet they wish they had half the grit that you've got :)
Toni xxx
Cathy is 100% correct, they are just squeezing the last bit of p1ss taking before you vanish....sod em'.


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With my family I just think they 'dont think'. My sister in law always offers me a biscuit/cake when I go round, but she always has. She doesnt do it out of jealously or spite, she's just hospitable. You know your family. You know their motives. Just put on a brave face and say no thank you. They'll be so proud of you when you get to goal and if they are not and they are jealous, then sod them!


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Its harder said then done I know but everyone is right just zip the lip and shake the head to say no :)


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If they get narky,just tell them to button it (only Joking!),dont want an argument now!


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I think my family just dont get it either and think my oh is threatened! I just told them all to do some research before even thinking about commenting!! Ive moane a few times on here about my brother critisizing me and LT! I have still not seen him since finishing...i cannot weight!! I think i look and feel pretty good and healthy and i havent piled it all back on at the sight of food either hahahahaha.
Ignore them all guys xxx


Wanna be....sexy!
Tracy,you look stunning and you sound as if you are v.happy so stand up tall and show them all what you've achieved x


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Cheers honey and i intend to do just that, everybody but my mum said i was being very silly with this diet i so want to prove them all wrong and i hope you lot do too xxx


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You are taking your friends out of their comfort zone. Most groups of friends have a fat one amongst them. Makes them feel better. But you have taken the bull by the horns and are changing. Give it a few weeks and you'll not be one of the big un's, so who'll be the big un then; NOT YOU!! This is a massive journey for us all to be taking, so keep at it hun and focus on your goal. We've all got faith in you, and this forum is great for the support, great minds think alike. By refusing all those goodies you're proving to yourself you can do it. Go Girlxx ;)
Arr all my friends have been really supportive on previous diets. I suppose I am dead lucky. And they all have figures to die for. But with this diet I have choose not to tell any of them as I do not want to feel like a failure if I dont complete it (like every other diet I have been on). I feel they have supported me so much in the past, i dont want to start annoying them telling them am guna try yet another faddy programme. This way when i see them next hopefully I can just show them the results instead of talking about it.

Besides I now have this board I can gain support from people who are in the same situation as me. Better than any friend who has not got a clue how hard this diet can be sometimes xx

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