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Sabotaging this fab diet

I have now been on cd for just over 3 months and i have lost just over 3 stone. I have been off work for the past 2 weeks so i had small meals some evenings when we went down to bungay to visit my brother!! I had slow losses for past 2 weeks of 2lb one week and 1lb following week. Anyway i said to my cdc i would be really good and get back into ss get weight loss going again but since saturday i have eaten every day and i am finding it really hard. I shouldnt as i have been getting really nice comments from my lovely learners. I think in a small way i may be trying to sabotage myself as i am getting scared that i am actually losing weight and fast. I am very worried about loose skin with weight loss so quick so dont know if i have this at back of my mind. Was wondering if anyone else had this problem.
Sorry for going on but cant talk to hubby about it as he is a bean pole and my collegues all slim!!:)
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I went through 3 weeks of only losing 1lb a week as people were telling me I was losing too fast, so I think I did the same as you, just a little picking here and there.
Then I got annoyed and If I don`t see results fast I start to lose interest so have stepped it back up again and lost 4lb last week.
I have stopped taking the scenic route and am back in the fast lane, I want it gone asap lol

Ok firstly forget about the loose skin!! It is a weight loss trophy for managing to reach goal weight, at the end of the day no one ever died from a bit of loose skin and certainly no reason not to lose weight. If it is between being big and risking yourself or slim and a little wobbley skin then I would take slim every time.

In terms of the diet I would strongly recommend you move onto 790, I had a lady who has lost nothing for 4 weeks on SS due to picking and moved onto 790 last week, I saw her last night and she has lost 5 pounds this week and is absolutely back on track, she said herself the fact she had the evening meal to prepare and eat was enough to stop her picking as she always had something to look forward to and didn't feel deprived.

Have a chat with your CDC about it.

Also don't beat yourself up too much! The diet can be tough but then again so worth the effort.

Go for it

aw Mike you always give fab advice. I think I will take that advice too.

What is the differences with weight loss when you go on 790?

I wish you were my counsellor!
Thank you so much for your replies, Mike I will take your advice and have a word with my cdc on saturday and ask to move to 790 to see if i can get back into it. I was starting to feel quite down about it all and thought about cancelling my appt with cdc as i dont want to dissapoint her, but a collegue of mine today said i am looking fab and wanted to know details of diet, i told her little bit and she wants to have a go so im going to give her my cdc details. This has spurred me on a bit as i must be doing something right to have motivated someone else. Anyway thank you again for your advice (mike and others). Mike you are very inspirational and when i started this plan when my family asked about diet i told them about you and your achievment. I just need to get back into that frame of mind i had a few weeks ago.

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