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saggy skin


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I am worried about this too. I am 34 years old and a size 22. I think the younger you are the less chance you have of getting saggy skin.

I have heard that body brushing helps so I might be investing in a big brush soon!


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Oooh that sounds interesting Guru, not heard of body brushing, can you put a link in a post so we can have a look and read up on what it's all about?

Ta Hun,

Hugs x x x


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S: 22st10.5lb C: 19st1.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41.9 Loss: 3st9lb(16.01%)
I don't think I'm allowed to post links yet :(

Basically when I was on LL the leaders raved about body brushing and moisturise moisturise moisturise. You can get a big body brush from Body Shop for only a few pounds. You do it after a bath/shower.
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I swear by exfoliation and loads of toning moisturiser... the avon ones aren't too bad or badly priced although the self tanner versions are very streaky..... mind you that could just be me.

Also gentle exercise really helps and for those unforgiving stretch marks bio oil is a godsend.... As I use the creams I throw a few drops in the bath!

Good luck

Anne-Marie xx
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I swear by Palmers Cocoa Butter, it smells so gorgeous I want to eat it and it helps with toning up the skin and stretch marks. I've gone from a size 26 to a size 18 but I'll only really know how much is loose skin when I get to my target weight. My arms look pretty funny though, all silvery stretch marks and floppy skin, I try not to wave to anyone too enthusiastically lol


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I have gone from an 18 to a 10 and have no flabby skin.. I am 33.
I do have some stretch marks but thats due to having 2 little boys....a year apart x


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When I was pregnant I smothered myself in Palmers Cocoa Butter and didn't get any more stretch marks. Which is surprising since my first ones appeared at puberty and I have got others when I was younger from putting on weight. So I'm going to be buying an industrial pot of it again soon!


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I agree with what other have said. I religiously cover myself in Palmers Coconut Firming Lotion twice a day, and soo far soo good. (Though haven't lost huge amounts yet).

I think you will be fine as you have youth on yourside, and your skin will have a lot more elasticity.


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I think alot of this is genetics

My Mum has not a stretch mark on her (shes 63) and had 2 children going from a size 6/8 to 14 when preg

Ive been at my heaviest 18 stone in very late pregnancy down to 11 stone and have no stretch marks either and my skin is fine

Im 33

I think using creams are nice though and make the skin feel lovely and smell lovely although deep down im sure most is your skin type gentically



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I've got rather attractive saggy boobs but I've gone from a 36J to a 34H so far so guess it was inevitable really! :rolleyes:

Everywhere else is fine, I'm 34 and use Body Shop ginger souffle lotion stuff which is divine!

I've got some bio oil but it's very oily. I've been told the clarins toning cream is good.
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I'm 22 and went from 19st to 11st and my skin stretched very badly, I have silvery stretch marks on my stomach, inner thighs, boobs and arms. I had a circumferental body lift on the nhs 10 weeks ago which has sorted out my stomach and lifted my bum but I still have my breasts and thighs to be lifted on the agenda too. My surgeon told me that it does depend on your genetics but that basically if you loose a drastic amount of weight there is only SO much creams, toners, exercise etc can do because once you have stretch marks you can only reduce their appearance, the skin itself is still stretched.

I wish you the best of luck with not getting sagging skin because it depressed me so much, I'm very luck that I've had my surgeries funded but I think it was because I was so depressed, but like I said genetics does come into it so hopefully yours will be better than mine ;)

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I will eventually need surgery for bits and pieces, boobs will definatly need work and it wont all snap back. I think I have to accept that I've done so much damage to my skin that I can improve it with creams and stuff but surgery is inevitable. Be honest, how much did it hurt?
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:sigh: Never thought about saggy skin hanging every where until you just mentioned it.
I,m nearly 53 and I,ve been overweight for a long time now, approx 18 years. So God knows where my belly will end up, I might have to buy some extra large undies to tuck it all in :giggle:
S: 19st1.0lb C: 12st3lb G: 10st10.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 6st12lb(35.96%)
In all honesty I really haven't been in that much pain, I mean you are completely numb from the general anaesthic so its only really been the last few weeks that I've started regaining any feeling in my stomach and back, if you can get it funded by the nhs I would recommend it, but make sure you know who your surgeon is. I was so lucky that a family friend who is a brain surgeon knew of my plastic surgeon and I name dropped her at my consultation as my surgeon mainly does private not nhs appts, like I said I'm very lucky and grateful that they funded it and I'd advise anyone in the same situation to try and get their gp to refer them if it affects you that much.



100% all the way!
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I've been using bio oil and dove firming lotion.

I had stretch marks even before I started this diet due to putting on 14 stone in 5 years and the bio oil has basically got rid of them.........to be honest I didn't expect such a good result but I'm not complaining! xx

I think like most people say though, they would rather have saggy skin than be over-weight! x


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I could cry.

I didn't think I had that bad stretch marks really. Only a few on my tummy, arms etc. I don't have any on my legs, but I've realised the ones I have on my arms are horrible!! I've never noticed them quite like this. Whether it's because I've got a pretty decent tan going on I don't know. But they're horrible!! I have bio oil, I'm going to use it every day on my arms and on a scar on my knee. Hopefully it'll work! Otherwise, I'm going to just cry! Only long sleeves for me now!!


Slimming down the aisle
S: 19st1.5lb C: 18st6.8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8.7lb(3.25%)
Allergic?! :-s What happens when you use it?
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My skin comes out in an itchy patchy rash and it takes a few days to clear up. I have no idea why though lol!

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