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Saggy skin!


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:cry:My belly hangs down [gross image/thought!] but its not skin, its fat :cry:
When i get to goal, will i be left with saggy skin? Im really worried of having saggy skin, being only 17! Even after a baby my skin isnt saggy, just full of fat!
AND if it is really saggy and gross after im at goal, can you have a tummy tuck on nhs? :sigh:​
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Arrgghh Kimmi - get out of my mind!!! I was thinking exactly the same this morning whilst looking in the mirror & despairing of huge apron tummy :cry:I had my two children exactly a year apart & i know that has played a big part in leaving me with a lovely flabby overhang. I'm also worried about what i'll be left with when i manage to shift the weight :confused:


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we shall go for tummy tucks afterwards together lol i want a nice slim belly =[
Because your young kimmie it might now affect you as much. Thats what i read on here anyways. I too am worried about this. Im 22 and ewww hate looking at myself! If you go to the search engine on mini's and type it in u should get lots of threads. Im in ireland so cant help with the nhs question



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ive been doing sit ups since i started the diet in an attempt to tone my belly as i lose the weight, i think its been helping a little, also still wobbles at the moment!!!
It's also a fear of mine. I had a whopping 11 stone to lose and even though i'm 24 I don't think my skin is THAT elastic. I would love a tummy tuck after but can cost up to £4000 and there is no way I can make that. Just got to keep up with the tummy crunches. Boohoo x

Lisa Marie

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G: 10st0lb
I have what they call an "apron" aswell and I was told that no amount of dieting or exercise will shift it. So a tummy tuck is the only option for me. Hope I can get one on the nhs cos when I checked out the prices I was told 6K.


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hi all,
thankfully u can get a tummy tuck on the NHS if there is real need (ie: someone who starts at a size 14 and goes to a size 10 would more than likely be refused)
in the meantime the best advice is to moisturise affected areas with a toning moisturiser (tummy, upper legs, bingo wing underarm area etc etc).
also using bio-oil will help tremendously if ur worried about stretch marks as these can become a real problem with quick weight losses.



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hi, hoping to go from a 24 to a 12-14, so hopefully il get one. they offered my glastic bypass!, may havce a tummy tuck if belly is really bad. Maybe throw in a boob job lmao?

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