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Saggy skin

I know this has probably been discussed into the ground, I have had a search for any similar posts but can't find anything; but I'm petrified that when I lose the weight I'll be left with really loose skin everywhere.

I've heard lots of horror stories about this happening when you lose weight rapidly and I'm hoping thats what they are, just horror stories.

So can anyone tell me whether this is the case, any tips of preventing it. Using my basic knowledge of human biology, I'm guessing that the collagen etc is already stretched from the excess weight thats been piled on? Does the skin 'shrink' back to what it would be had I maintaned a healthy weight?

I know it also depends a lot on genetics, body/skin types etc but I live in hope!

I've also got stretch marks on my bingo wings and they're covered in cellulite :eek: which I hate. I doubt I'll ever be able to go sleeveless comfortably again, but reducing the risks of heart disease, stroke, cancer etc is worth it!

Sorry I do ramble don't I :eek:
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hey, no your dont ramble hun.. this is something alot of people losing weight worry about.. me included.

well from my experience, i have lost quite abit, still got more to go, and the only sag i can see is on my tummy, which will be even more when all the fat has gone from it..

from my friends experience she lost 12 stone and she had no loose skin at all, nothing, zilch, and she is 5 years older then me. she did lighter life.

many people have it, many dont, does depends on genetics etc yes..

and in my opnion doesnt matter what diet you do, if your going to get it, you will get it no matter what diet..

have another friend who lost 10 stone with ww and she underwent surgery as she had lots of loose skin...

perhaps do some exercise? nothing to strenuous, perhaps lift your arms up and down till they start to really ache? to help tone? and use bio oil? (people swear by that stuff).. and drink plenty of water...

please dont worry, as you say better to be thin and healthy with abit of sag then to be overweight and at risk! :)


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depends how much saggy skin is around . a precentage of it will shrink back , in line with the rest of you. depends on how much you have to loose . however a friend of mine went on a mad diet and went from a beautiful 14/16 to a size 6-8. she looks old and gaunt, we were working in plastic surgery then and the consultants did tummy tuck on her , she was about 50 at the time but it just didnt suit her being soooo thin !!! she did this crash diet and the weight fell off too quick, i also think she was necking laxatives as well.


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It all depends on the elasticity of a particular person's skin, how much weight you've lost, your age, whether you've had kids, etc, etc.

Personally, i've lost over six and a half stone, and have an 'apron' of skin around my tummy. I also have saggy thighs and boobs, and my arms aren't great either! I lost my weight in my early thirties, so relatively young, but I gained most of it during my two pregnancies, and my skin was already loose and covered in stretch marks, once i'd gained.

Better to have loose skin than fat though!

Jo x
Thanks for the advice!

I think my main problem is sagging around my tummy, but seeing as I've had a child it's to be expected!

Where I'm so fat now, I seem to have little 'pouches' of fat at the tops of my thighs which I'm concerned will turn into saggy skin once they aren't filled with fat!

Thanks again :)

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