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Hi, just wondering what everyone else is doing to combat this?
I've been putting some bio-oil into my baths, but had no exercise whatsover, and I'm really worried that I will end up with Saggy boobs, and an overlapping belly.
Anyone got any tips please?
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No advice but will be watching the thread with interest. I'm finding I have slightly saggy skin on my belly & inner thighs but it is gradually going with time & exercise... (80 sit ups 3/4 times a week and 30 mins cardio seems to be slowly doing the trick.)



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Good thread Cicerone - I'm sure many of us are wondering about this and looking for the magic potion! lol

Exercise sounds like the way to go - I like your regime Kippaxmum, sounds do-able to me!



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i'm doing 50 sit-ups each day and 15 mins of arm weight exercises as these are my problem areas and it seems to be tightening me up xx