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Sainsbury's beef and gravy


I will do this!!!
Looking in the food directory today under sainsbury's i saw it said beef in gravy 210g - free. But the ingredients are....... gravy: water, cornflour, beef extract, beef, sugar, wheat flour, tomato puree, salt and malt extract. How can this be free?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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I will do this!!!
It just makes no sense....its got so much "bad" stuff in it.


I will do this!!!
kind of. You get a packed of beef slices an gravy and you boil the bag for 20mins to cook.
Maybe the amounts are so tiny they don't count??
I used a smidgen of tomato pureee today for prawn marie rose and had to syn it even though I could have had a whole tbsp for the same amounts of syns!!
I would'nt argue with it lol !!


I will do this!!!
How do they figure out the amount of syns in food?


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The beef in gravy packs are handy, but the portions are small so if you fill the rest of your plate with veg its actually a low calorie meal. You don't get a lot of gravy and most of it is probably water.


Fighting the bulge
It does work well for synning something when you dont have your book on you, all im saying is make sure you double check as if you were a newbie and didnt know that mullers were free you'd think you were having syns which you arent


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