Sainsbury's Eggs (No Batteries Included)


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Thanks for the heads up. After watching the Jamie Oliver prog last night I had a pang of guilt when I had eggs for my breakfast this morning and I noticed on the box it said "from caged hens". So I'll make sure I'll stick to Sainsburys from now on.

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I missed that on purpose, i already feel guity because i can't afford decent meat and not alot i can do about it, can't become veggie because i don't eat veggies, so i try not to think about where it comes from!


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That's great news. It's about time the industry was challenged on their animal husbandry practices. If we treated our dogs and cats the way that most "food animals" are treated, we'd be prosecuted. It's about time this was rectified!


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hip hip hooray for Sainsburys, think all the egg producers will follow. dont quite know how free range the chickens will be but has to be better than caged birds, makes me laugh the ones that are called barn eggs, same as caged they dont see the light of day just live in a wooden building instead of a tin one

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im not trying to upset or offend anyone Im just about to marry a bloke that comes from a farming family and I grew up a city girl so I see both sides of the coin and the whole shebang is getting on my nerves. At the end of the day the farmer produces what the supermarkets ask for its not always that the farmer wants to keep animals in conditions that he does as more often than not he doesnt want to but he needs to make a living and produce an animal for a pittance sometimes not even making a profit they then get blasted in the press when the supermarkets are at fault for starting price wars and selling a chicken or meat for a ridiculously low price. If suddenly everyone stops buying a specific product then farmers will go out of business in much the same way as any business would if people stopped buying their products which is why I will buy whatever I like when I like and Hugh or Jamie wont be influencing me, thats not to say that i dont agree that free range and better conditions is the way to go but supermarkets need to help farms switch from intensive production methods to free range or freedom food standards without the farmer losing out in any way which means a staged phase out of these kinds of products and investment in the farms who produce their produce

Yes it upsets me to see animals rammed into pens & cages but the industry has forced this to happen and only the supermarkets can help turn things around itd upset me more to see a family turfed out of their farmhouse because the farm their family had spent years building up went bump though

going to get off my soap box now and find a nice healthy lunch


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i don't really want to argue about this but i disagree completely i understand your want to stickup for your fella and i think it is the supermarkets that are driving down the prices making it hard for farmers to make a living but the free range farmers also make a living i could not keep animals in the condition they are kept i couldn walk in there everyday and look at them knowing i was in charge of there quality of life and was allowing them to have none, i agree that the supermarkets have caused this and it's unfair to the farmers but there has to be a line to turning a profit cramming chickens into cages is inhumane and reflective of the capitalist craphole world we live in.I have kept chicken and yes there not smart like dogs or cats they are a source of food to me but we have a duty not to cause them unnecassary suffering and it's sad that people running comparitively smaller businesses than the supermarkets are forced to cut conditions in order to turn a profit but the profit of a family run business like that comes at a cost and more often than not it's the animals that suffer and lose out but you have to know when what your doing is cruel even if you are making money out of it.


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As Nilo says, the point of the thread is to let people know that all Sainsbury's eggs are going to be from non-caged chickens from now on.

Thank you for the heads up on that.


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indeed XXXXXXX and mcdonalds have now changed over to free range as have hellmans mayonaise alot of companies are doing it , it's a step in the right direction and i think it's making the supermarkets more aware so hopefully things will will get easier for the fussy eaters (moi ) and the farmers XXXXXXXXXXXXX


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The problem with McDonalds isn't the free range chickens - it's the free range Friday late night customers. :) :)