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Sainsbury's fresh tortelloni


Lost in the harbor
When I've done SW in the past I always assumed those lovely fresh packets of filled pasta would be out of the question - even on Green/EE - as they're so rich and delicious (and our consultant always warned us about fresh pasta being syns, so I assumed it'd be bad). But actually some are pretty low on Green/EE. The packs are 300g - here are the syns for Green/EE (forget it on Original!):

Spinach & Ricotta Tortelloni: half a pack = 3 syns
Arrabiata Tortelloni: half a pack = 5 syns
Italian Walnut & Gorgonzola Tortelloni: half a pack = 6 syns

I know some people wouldn't bother to spend the syns when you can have dry pasta and spinach/tomato for free, and HE for cheese... but I think these are pretty good, especially the Spinach & Ricotta (for a proper feast you could eat an entire pack, with a homemade tomato pasta sauce, and grated cheese on top all for only 6 syns + a HE...)

Well, just sharing my excitement! x

PS. This one: http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/sain...ID=89&ce_cid=006R4H0000001zFi3V0RyusxKE000000
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Lost in the harbor
Oh, and furthermore (as if you're not convinced already) you can also easily prepare these at work or anywhere that has a kettle. They don't need to be simmered in a pot - if you just submerge in boiling water and then put a plate on top like you would with couscous... leave it five minutes and then drain them - good to go!


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Oooo I'm actually rather excited about this as I love love love tortellini and never buy it now! May go ad treat myself to some now though :)


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You see, I would never eat only half the pack as that is not enough to satisfy my appetite. And for the whole pack they are pretty high in syns, particularly if you then have to add on syns for a sauce.


Lost in the harbor
Yeah, I'd always have to eat a whole one too..! But I was thinking of trying half a pack alongside a big pile of homemade syn-free ratatouille perhaps...? Though as I said, for me personally I don't actually think 6 syns for a whole pack is too awful, for an occasional treat. I wouldn't do it every day, hehe.
Oh thanks for this!! I had some for dinner last night and just assumed I had completely blown it but now I know I didn't - I love filled pasta and the tip about not needing to simmer it too is fab - thank you I'm sharing your excitement.


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