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Saintsue's Food Diary

Afternoon everyone
well i have been messing about the last 4 weeks on sw and only lost half a pound i go to Greece in 10 weeks and really need to get this weight off, so i decided to do a food diary now and hope it will help me stick with it.

Todays Food
breakfast Strawberry and mullerlight yog

Lunch butternut squash and red pepper soup, with 2 slices ww bread. mullerlight yog

tea sw chilli and rice. and fruit
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morning everyone
went for an hour walk last night.

meal plans for today
breakfast mullerlight and banana

lunch butternut squash soup with ww bread

Tea jacket pot with ww beans and salad and fruit

Hope you all have a nice day, just hope i can stick to this diet i feel so bad about myself at the mo, i have never been this fat before and i know i will not enjoy my holiday in 10 weeks if i dont ge this weight off.
love sue xxx
Hello good luck with your weight loss before your holiday I would like to have lost 7lbs by end of June but I'm doubtful as I am the sts queen your food diary looks good although are you not hungry?


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Hi saintsue :)

I'm sure you can reach your goal for your holidays. I'd echo what baby-belle said though - you're not eating enough! Make sure you use your syns. You don't want your body panicking and retaining weight!

I'm keeping a food diary too (mostly EE) so feel free to drop by for inspiration. We'll all get there!

Charmel :)
Thank you both, i like to save my sins for a few wines, do you think thats ok? love sue xxxx
Todays food think i might have a red day today see if it speeds things up

Breakfast banana and mullerlight

Lunch Salmon salad and fruit

Tea chicken and veg then fruit and yougurt

Have a nice day everyone
luv sue xxxx
Hi Everyone

Todays food is
Breakfast Yogurt and Strawberrys

Lunch sw quiche and salad, fruit

Tea lamb, new pot, Carrots leeks

Have a nice day everyone love sue xxxx


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Hi Sue,

Just wanted to wish you the best of look.

Are you doing extra easy: Just remember to make sure 1/3 of your plate is Superfree foods.
Are you having your HEXA & HEXB's?
Also are you sure your not hungry? I really couldnt survive on no snacks?
You can snack on superfree foods. I snack on Mullerlights and WW yogurts and fruit thru the day, I wouldnt be able to stick with it otherwise.

You can use your syns on what ever you like - So far I have been using mine of chocolate, I am not sure about keeping them for the weekend etc... But maybe someone who is doing this longer can give you advise.

Anyway best of luck.....
Thank you sleepymum i have always done weight watchers before and finding it hard to eat anymore, i feel like i am eating to much
love sue xxxxx


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I followed ww for the first part of this year, and many times before. The reason I love slimming world is that I am not hungry and the quality of food has improved.
Its hard to get counting points out of your head. . . It really is a mind change.
Best of luck
well i had my wi last night and put half a pound on, i am not a happy bunny been doing this since beg march and only lost 8 pounds it really doing my head in feel like packing it in, i go to greece in 10 weeks and dont want to look like this, i have never been this fat before,

today food
breakfast yogurt and fruit

snack fruit
lunch butternut and red pepper soup and sw quiche and salad
tea pasta carbonara

some sins for wine
have a nice day everyone i feel so fed up with all this
love sue xxx
Hi sue

Sorry to hear about you WI. Have you been using your healthy extras? They are an important part of the plan. And syns too. Please don't give up hope. The plan does work - could you maybe try mixing your days up a bit? Is it EE you are doing? Red days work better for some people I think.

Take care x
Thank you yes i have been useing them some days, yeh i think i might try doing some red days this week see if it helps
how are you doing on diet, i am out sat and sun this weekend so that will be hard luv sue xxxxx
Thanks for that i will have a look,
well i had alot of wine over the weekend so i am trying to be very good for the next 4 days

breakfast fruit and yogurt
snack banana
lunch butternut quash and red pepper soup, fruit
Tea chicken salad with new pots and more fruit,

i am doing red days for the next 4 days, do you think this is ok?
luv sue xxxx
Hi thats why i only weigh in on thursday then i have time to make up for the weekends.
Where abouts you from?
love Sue xxx
Morning everyone
i had a good day on diet yesterday

Today red day again
Breakfast strawberrys and mullerlight
snack Banana

Lunch tin salmon salad
butternut squash and red pepper soup fruit

snack fruit
Tea steak sw chips,Heb mushrooms, Tomatoes,salad
strawberrys and jelly.

milk in coffee hea
2 glasses of red wine 14 sins
please can someone tell me if this sounds ok?
have a nice day love sue xxxx
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Hi sue

It looks good. Are you making the soup yourself? Are the potatoes being weighed as a heb? Are you having your hea? Is the jelly synned?

Hi yeh the soup is homemade, yeh i will weigh the potatoes, sorry thought suger free jelly was free, i use my hea for my milk in my coffee's, should i be having 2 hea and 2 heb's on a red day?
How are you doing? sue xxx

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