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Salad dressing ideas?

Does anyone have any ideas about atkins-allowed shop bought salad dressings?

I'm going shopping tonight and don't think I can handle another salad without dressing!

The only idea I can think of is olive oil/lemon? But I'm not really into making my own dressings...

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Caesar dressings are usually very low in carbs, I have one in the fridge but for the life of me I can't remember which brand - just check the labels as they all differ.
The cardini caesar dressing is really low in carbs. You can get it at most any supermarket. Otherwise I just mix olive oil, red wine vinegar and spices like dill, garlic salt, onion salt, or italian seasonings etc. You can mix a whole jar at a time and just keep on the shelf.


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I mix up a bit of mayo and pesto or mustard


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Cardinis is the lowest carb dressing in Tesco. Yes I did spend an evening looking at them all. Yes I do have a very sad and unfulfilled life. :D

The low carb megastore do a variety of zero carb zero calorie dressings, and I sent for the caesar one and used it tonight and it's suprisingly OK. Won't be going for it again, just wanted to see what was out there. Their ketchup is yuck though. And the monstrous peanut butter is without doubt the most unwholesome thing I have ever ever tasted. Yummy hazelnut butter I got instead is proper full fat stuff and delish! Although not a salad dresing and therefore I've wandered OT again and will shut up now. :D


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LOL re the peanut spread - it is pretty bad, isn't it, but I've somehow developed an addiction for it :eek:, especially spread on top of a cinnamon Mim before the cream goes on.....

I've bought the no carb marinara sauce and will try that this weekend. The only thing I really miss on Atkins is rich tomato sauce, it's just too high in carbs :(

Water - where did you get the hazelnut butter?

Hey guys, thanks for all your replies.

I ended up getting some french dressing - 0.6 carbs per tblspn and some paul newman italian dressing - 0.7 carbs per tblspn - both not too bad i thought?

Kudos for your homemade suggestions - I guess I just didn't want to have to do anything fussy.
Ah snap Susie, I have the marinara sauce too - will be trying out tomorrow with mince and mushrooms! The hazelnut butter came from the low carb megastore, although OH thinks you can get it in Holland and Barrett.

Tried the peanut butter a couple of times, 'cos I really wanted to like it, but it actually made me actually retch the last time. :eek:
Oh gosh that is good CL - worth keeping an eye out for, thanks. I have a feeling the zero carb one is gonna be unpleasant.
Yeah I agree, that is pretty amazing coffeelover! A half portion of the source + some minced beef + some cheese might actually be amzaing! Like a proper meal.

I wish I could get some of that cardini stuff, 1g carbs per 2 tblspn! Unfortunately I hate the stuff!

Would someone mind telling me how to thank people? I can't see any thanks buttons :(


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Bottom right hand side, there's a thanks button with the thumb up symbol :)
Thanks. I don't think I have one. Maybe it's because I'm new or something.


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Thanks. I don't think I have one. Maybe it's because I'm new or something.
Could be? When you get to 50 posts you can see peoples pics so maybe then...

I've been going with mayo if I wanted something on my salad, but this thread is a revelation! Thanks all :D

Oh, and I think you only get the thanks button when you reach a certain amount of posts. I don't have one yet either.
Yeah it's 50 posts for most things I think.

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