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Sales tomorrow

Anyone else like me going to get up ridiculously early to go to the sales tomorrow?

I'm going to the Next sale. I have seen quite a few things that I like that hopefully will either fit or nearly fit me now thanks to CD :D (although I've still got a long way to go).
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Yes also planning to go to the next sale at 5 am!! Hoping to get a few things in the size I hope to be by spring.
i'm gonna go to the summer one next yr coz by then i'll be a size 12 :-D my work mate goes every yr to the christmas one but im at work tomoz so wont b going :( have fun though hehe
Yes also planning to go to the next sale at 5 am!! Hoping to get a few things in the size I hope to be by spring.
The one near me starts at 4am :eek: Last year got there about 15 minutes before it opened and there were probably 200 people in front of me!

I always go even I don't like it being so early. Got some great bargains last Christmas - two £90 coats for £20 each.
Good luck with the sales! I'm going at lunchtime to see if I can get some new stuff for work I have bought lots of nice clothes and don't want to spend too much on clothes for the offce!
They had some really smart work shirts in there before christmas so I'm going to try and get some.

Also, my work introduced a suit policy :rolleyes: for days when you have to meet people (it was previously pretty casual) so I might try and look for a couple of suit jackets too.


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Went to the Boundary Mill at Shire Moor today and got some bargains!

Got a gorgeous pair of leather boots for £50.

Got a Boucle Wool Coat - like a long cardigan for £18

A couple of embroidered and beaded sweaters for £18 - decorated with buttons!

I did really really well!

Didn't want to buy stuff that would be no good when I have lost another three/four stones though so was careful with what I bought!

Have fun tomorrow! I love Sales!
I spent £80 in Fatface today and am going to the next sale tomorrow!
I think I might get mainly the next sixe down though as and incentive!
I've just come back from the Next sale and that's what I've done. I wanted a couple of jackets/coats and the 16s fitted but were slightly big (I think Next coats are normally quite generous) so I've bought the 14s which are about 2 inches too tight at the moment. Even more incentive for me to get back on track today :D
I got home about an hour ago and bought a size lower in trousers as I have lots at the moment and same size tops as I seem to lose quicker from my lower half and I'm also rather large chested which doesn't help!
My friend was impressed with me when I told her I was going to pay and get out before I picked too much that I didn't need up!
I did see a dress that I rather liked but didn't get but not sure if I should have or not as I don't tend to wear them very much!
I think I was quite good this year - haven't spent too much. I knew the jackets I wanted before I got there so I just looked for them, got a couple of work shirts, shoes, a bag and a couple of bits for the house. Once I'd found everything that I'd planned to buy I just got out as it's so easy to spend more money on things you don't need.
Got to my local store at 4.40. Already a few hundred queuing. Got a few bits but didnt spend much as I had a vip slot on saturday. Hope everyone else got the bargains they wanted.

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