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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by sallies, 31 October 2007 Social URL.

  1. sallies

    sallies Full Member

    I have been on this site for what seems an age and have never started a diary on here.
    Most of my time is spent on the pink site, then i lurk in and out of here posting from time to time.
    I started in January at 14.5 stone and am now down to 11.6
    I joined this site in April so its not taken me long to start a diary has it?
    I took the summer off from the diet because i mountain bike race and couldn't do both. Now im in a recovery month and have returned to ss to shift the last stone. Im now on day 6 and things aren't too bad. I lost 6lb in the first few days and now much to my disappointment the last two days ive not budged. Hoping to glug gallons of water today and get things moving again.
    Nice to meet you all and introduce myself to you.
    Have a great day folks.
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  3. Helonicus

    Helonicus Member

    Well done Sallie, you've done brilliantly so far. I'm pretty sure the water will shift some of it for you. My weight did'nt change for about 2 weeks and then i increased my water intake and it suddendly started to shift again.

    Helen x
  4. mrs c

    mrs c Cambridge Consultant

    if you drink more water it does seem to shift the weight, brilliant really, i'd beter start drinking more as i've been a bit lapse on the water lately.
  5. Donald Smith

    Donald Smith Member

    Morning Sal

    Still no joy next door, but I will try again from work later.... Back to work I'm not looking forward to it... but needs must, still going strong on SS here.....

    Have a great day
  6. sallies

    sallies Full Member

    just on my first shake of the day (oh my god i sound like an alcoholic):party0027:

    Have a good day at work Donald about time you did some.:wave_cry:

    I think we all need a reminder to drink more water. The trouble was i was out all day yesterday and you know how it is there arent enough toilets about so you dont drink. Must say im feeling much better today better than ive felt all week bloods down to 3.9 and all the pre nasty ketosis stuff appears to have gone so heres hoping.
    I would still prefer to be on 790 i miss the social bit with oh and i really do miss cooking.:p
  7. christie

    christie Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hope u have a good day Sallies, u are doing brillianty and yes i will prob up my water soon all i do is the minimum. Cant stand plain water though so am adding the flavourings.

    Hopefully the pink site is back soon.
  8. jules30

    jules30 Full Member

    Morning Sal, those scales with move again, you are doing really well.

    If you miss cooking i have a husband and 4 kids you can cook for , save me from having to do it lol
  9. Debz

    Debz Cambridge Counsellor

    Yo Sallie, how's it going?

    Don't worry about the 2 day no weight loss thing, as we're twins, it's perfectly normal for us. :):rolleyes:

    And blimey girl 6lbs already? I only do that if I spent the weekend putting on 6lbs. Nice one. I have now been stuck at the same weight since Monday. Same as you. (Not on SS though, but still stuck.)
  10. sallies

    sallies Full Member

    Debz SS is the only thing that seems to be working. I want to go back onto 790 after Friday but im scared too and after the efforts to get through the yuk stages of ss it seems daft too before im where i want to be. I miss that evening meal so bad. Of course this could be all in the mind. I watched Gordon Ramsay with those fish and chips last night, that was after we had walked around Topsham all day that has the some of the best restaurants in the country ooo and the smells. Resisted though, the thought of being that skinny ***** of a grand vet beating those vets up the hill kept me going. I miss riding so much but on ss im having trouble just getting a brisk walk out of me. Does anyone else feel like that all the time on ss?
    Im going to do some cooking for my hostel today to compensate for missing out on that.
  11. olli

    olli Member

    Morning Sal,

    hope all is well and enjoy your day.
  12. olli

    olli Member

    By the way, I won't start a diary, just to avoid you lot screwing it up. :):wave_cry:
  13. sallies

    sallies Full Member

    Typical lazy man and full of excuses.:hide:
  14. Dobbie

    Dobbie I will get to goal .....

    Hey Sallies .... welcome back on Mims! I'm sure you're diary will help you through your last stone and it's always nice to hear how everyone is getting on! We're all behind you !!
  15. sallies

    sallies Full Member

    Thanks Dobbie, ive never really been away just lurking in the background. Your looking in the xmas spirt im a bit of a bah humbug....:p :eek:
  16. Dobbie

    Dobbie I will get to goal .....

    OOOhhhh I love Crimbo :) Nealry done all my shopping and everything!!!
  17. Mrs Moo

    Mrs Moo Member

    Good luck with those last few pesky pounds Sallies :)
  18. sallies

    sallies Full Member

    Thanks Mrs Moo, i just want to get back to mountain biking im desperate but dont have the energy.
  19. Debz

    Debz Cambridge Counsellor

    Well I do find it difficult on a higher kcal level walking the miles I do and pushing the pushchair uphill. Joints hurt and I'm knackered. So I'm not surprised at all that you find biking too much on SS.

    But SS is for a short amount of time. Stick with it, blast the weight off, go up the plans and then do the biking. That's what I'd do. (If I actually had any willpower.)
  20. sallies

    sallies Full Member

    i think im going to go back to 790, im just hanging on in there on ss, i feel so weak, it amazes me the posts on here of what people claim they can do. perhaps its my age
  21. Dobbie

    Dobbie I will get to goal .....

    Hi Sallies,

    I stopped SS Monday (due to BMI) and loving 790 although I've been a bit hungry today (think it's because I didn't split my morning pack)! Anyways just wanted to say that we're in similar boats I think, I've 14-17ish lbs to lose and can't wait to be on the 1000 plan to get back to the gym. Really missing the exercise. So I reckon 2-3 weeks on 790 before I move up depending on the losses ;)

    We can do this!

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