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Salt 'may be drug-like mood enhancer', says study

Yes KD I thought it was very interesting.


Is feeling the love!
Thats really interesting, I've recently cut adding salt to all my familys food.
I wonder if that's why I've been in such a bad mood the last couple of days. :confused:
LOL IB, how can you be grumpy in an island paradise!

Maybe Lind, but it's healthier isn't it.
Im a salt addict! Well, i used to be... I used to POUR it on - especially to chips and vegetables. I put it on veg as i thought it would give them more flavour and make me like them more. Although Im pretty certain it's why I now have swollen ankles!
Although Im pretty certain it's why I now have swollen ankles!
That has me intrigued, Have you found a link between the two then?
Hmmm, thanks for that it is interesting. I'm pleased i don't use much salt!
Whenever I say I don't use salt, people always tell me I ought to have loads to counteract the extra heat here. But I never get muscle cramps etc. I always drink plenty of water. Anyhow, if you eat any processed food at all, even the sweet stuff, you'll be eating salt. But I never understand why people are so hung up on salt.
I use a little in cooking IB, but I never add any to my plate so to speak.
Well in the Army yes IB, they used to order us to take salt tablets.

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