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  1. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Hi everyone :wave_cry:,
    I have finally joined a WW class with one of my closest girlfriends! Since Feb this year i have been doing Slimming World, i lost just over a stone and was very pleased with myself and could defo feel a difference...but once getting back from our holiday the naughty eating and drinking sort of came a way of life for months! Me and OH who is amazing set our wedding date for Friday 16th August next year and i need to lose weight! I have been trying to do this at home alone but it wasnt working so we decided to give WW a try!
    I was like a deer in the headlights yesterday i dint think i would get my head round the 'propoints' but think i have some what got my head around it :rolleyes: i hope lol!

    I thought a food diary would be a good idea and then you guys could help if you see me doing something really wrong, and also give me a little push when needed :D, stll not 100 percent i am using the correct points but if not PLEASE tell me!

    Friday 20th September

    30g Branflakes 3pp
    1/4 pint of semi skinned milk 1pp
    chopped banana 0pp

    2 Rye crispbreads 1pp each
    Soft lf cheese x2 1pp each
    60g Couscous 6pp
    2 tbsp sweetcorn 2pp
    Cucumber, Red pepper, onion 0pp
    Ham 1pp

    Dinner - Frittata
    ( because it is only me eating this i am only having half tonight and the other half for lunch so i am jus halfing the points right?)
    Potato - 1pp (should be 2pp but i halved the pots in the pan)
    Ham 1pp
    2 eggs 3pp ( so there 3 each is that right? so i have put 3 as half the frittata i havent eaten)
    1 egg white 0pp
    Peas 1pp
    onions, green peppers and babycorn 0pp
    beans half a can 4pp

    2x Apples 0pp
    1 crispbread 1pp
    chocolate philly 3pp
    half banana 0pp
    Freddo :p 3pp

    So i work out i have had 33 propoints and at the moment i can have 43 :( but i dont want to eat anything else? is this bad am i meant to be eatin all my points? i feel like i have eaten loads?

    Anyway this is my first day! i will update tomorrow, although breakfast will b the same and my lunch will be todays dinners lol!

    Even though i still feel i have to get my head round some of it i am defo enjoying WW so far

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  3. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Day 2 of doing the weight watchers diet!
    I dnt so much feel like I am struggling but I am always thinking how I can use my points? And I want to cut down on eating not start eating lots again!?
    Jus heard the Next Sale is on (yyiippeee) and we live near to some shops (about 20min walk) so think I'm guna get Lucas in his push chair and have a walk up there! It will get me out walkin for a couple of hours :D!
    I no I am pretty much talking to myself here but never mind lol!
    Will put my food on later!!
  4. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    30g Branflakes 3pp
    1/4 pint semi skinned milk 1pp
    1 Chopped Banana 0pp
    Toast with butter 4pp????

    I am having my left over frittata from my dinner last night!
    So coz I halved everything I had half the points last night and the other half now,
    Potato 1pp
    2 x Eggs 3pp
    1 Egg white 0pp
    Peas 1pp
    Ham 1pp
    Onions, Green peppers and Babycorn 0pp
    Weight watcher chips 5pp
    1 tbsp low fat may 1pp

    Chicken breast 5pp
    Maggi so juicy chicken balti 4pp (I have looked this up and for half a pack I have read its 4pp is this right???)
    50g Rice 5pp
    Green beans and Sugar Snap peas 0pp

    Snacks... So far
    1 Apple 0pp
    Freddo 3pp

    So with all that I will have used 37 propoints and I still have 6 to use? I think I might get the OH to pick some bombay mix up on his way home and have some tonight watching XFactor!!
  5. moretongirl

    moretongirl Member

    good luck im joining thursday x
  6. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Cheers huni!
    Are u? Have u done WW before?
    I am enjoying it although jus trying to get my head round the points haha!
  7. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Right dinner was a last minute change
    I had a weight watchers pizza instead for 13pp

    30g Bombay mix 4pp ( I dint eay it all though I dint think it wud b a right lot but was more than I expected)

    So I have used 42pp out of my daily 43!

    And as it is saturday and I have a whole 49points jus sat there sooooooooo I have treated myself to a bottle of Rose Wine (now I thought about lying and jus sayin a glass but I can't say no to the bottle lol) so I have used 19pp out of my 49! So I still have 30pp from my weekly allowence to use if I wish!

    Catchin up on some TV now, watching this weeks Celeb Juice <3 love it!

    If anyone is actually reading this hope u have a lovely saturday!
  8. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    You are just like me with wine lol oh and John is eating Bombay mix and drinking wine!!!
  9. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    I can't help myself with wine! I wasn't going to drink this weekend as were out next weekend but seeing as the points are there why not lol!
    I feel like I have eaten loads and already stressing I am eating to much but I'm within my points so we will see!
    How u gettin on xxx
    Say a big hi t jonny from me xxxxx
  10. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    Don't worry I was just the same, honestly you'll be fine! It's hard not to compare it to slimming world isn't it...

    I wouldn't normally have more wine on a Saturday but we didn't eat till late and I'm stuffed so no room for wine! x
  11. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Yeh it is hard not to compare!
    Guna get me self t asda today and get some WW goodies in!xxx
  12. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    Have s look at three chosen by you range... I got a corned beef hash for 11pp.. It was huge! They also do a chicken, broccoli and carrots in a peppercorn sauce with some really nice potatoes for 8pp. Apparently you can get a chicken sizzler in the chosen by you range for 7pp x
  13. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Sunday 23rd September
    2 Poached Egss 4pp
    1 slice of bread 3pp
    Butter 2pp

    60g Roast chicken 6pp
    1 Yorkishire Pudding 1pp
    Weight Watchers spring onion mash 2portions 4pp
    6tbsp Gravy 3
    Sugar snap peas, Green beans, babycorn and carrots 0pp
    Curly Wurly 3pp (I had put it in the freezer it lasted ages n was gawjus)

    I also did ten minutes of an excerise I only managed ten minutes but I wil try do 15/20 tomorrow!

    I have used 26pp so far! I have some chicken breasts in the fridge I cooked earlier. So might have one of them in a WW pitta later with some salad and some WW crisps yum
  14. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Ooo we dint end up going to asda went t iceland then popped in t poundland! Guna go t asda on Tuesday when carl gets paid :D spend his pennies haha!xx
  15. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    So tonights dinner was SO yummy :D
    1x WW pitta 3pp
    1x chicken breast 4pp
    1 tbsp extra light 1pp
    Lettuce and cucumber 0pp
    Carrot stick 0pp
    Apple 0pp
    Bombay mis 30g 4pp

    I have used 42 of my 43 points today :) and had a briilant day with the lil family so good day all round xxx
  16. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Good luck i start tomorrow, food looks really good so far :)
  17. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Thank u very much hun,
    U going to meetings or doing WW from home? Have u done WW before?
    I am enjoying it although I feel like I am eating LOADS! I am big and have a far bit t lose so I no when I start losing my points will go down, but I cnt even get out of my head that I am eating to much and I'm not going to lose any weight! And I will crumblw on them scales on thursday If I don't!! The OH even wanted a takeaway last night but I said no coz I want to do it this time lol!! So for me Thursday xnt come quick enought lol xxxxx
  18. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    I'm doing it online, I've done it for like 1 week before but didn't follow through.

    I was a lot bigger before, at my heaviest I was 17st7 and aged only 17 but it does come off a lot easier when you are bigger. I'm on 27points a day so going to have to an my meals well!

    Ohh well done on refusing the take away, I'm sure it will show on your weigh in :)
  19. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    I have jus eaten all me bombay mix and feel stuffed! U will ave t keep me updated on how u get on! I am guna pay monthly so I can get onto the esource think it will help as well xxx
  20. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Monday 24th September
    30g Branflakes 3pp
    1/4 pint of semi skinned milk 1pp
    Chopped Banana 0pp

    1x WW pitta 3pp
    Chicken breast 5pp
    1 tbsp of mayo
    1 slice of ham 1pp
    - boiled egg 3pp
    Lettuce, cucumber, carrot sticks and red pepper 0pp
    Freddo 3pp
    For dinner tonight I am guna to have Pork loin 7pp
    Some WW spring onion Mash 4pp
    And stirfry some veg 0pp may add the pork to this to give it all some flavour!

    This uses 31pp so I still have 12pp to use? And at the moment at a lose of what to use them on! I have some ww crisps in might have them but at the moment don't no! See how I feel after dinner and lucas has gone to bed :)!
    I would normally have wine but I do want t cut down on drinking its something me and the OH are trying to do! So we will see how the day goes!
    Hope everyone is well on this awful rainy day! My plan was to go for a long work wud of been 3mile but due t the weather I decided against it and have done 20minute cardio and I was shattered haha! Well its a start isn't it!
  21. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    Your food diary is looking good... Not long until our weigh in day on Thursday! x

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